11.1.06 - Us magazine reports that Matthew Perry is romancing The Class' Lizzy Caplan, whom he was introduced to two months ago by Friend Matt LeBlanc.

10.27.06 - People Online: All in the Family Courteney Cox Arquette does some sisterly bonding with her in-laws (from left) Alexis, Rosanna and Patricia Arquette at a Hollywood party on Thursday for Patricia's NBC show Medium. Also along for the fun: Patricia's husband of four months, actor Thomas Jane.

10.25.06 - People Online: Power Puff Girls Hilary Swank and Lisa Kudrow show that they both got the memo for quilted-black-coat Tuesday while on the New York City set of their film, P.S. I Love You.

10.24.06 - People Online: Girls' Night Out Pals Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox Arquette receive a cultural education – well, at least a comedic one – at the Borat premiere. "I'm a huge fan, every character he does," Cox Arquette told PEOPLE about Baron Cohen. "He's one of the funniest people in the world."

10.24.06 - People Online: Brava! Jennifer Aniston surrounds herself with costars (from left) Nia Vardalos, Anna Paquin and Kieran Culkin following her Broadway debut in a one-night only performance at the 6th Annual 24 Hour Plays on Monday. The actress received raves for her performance in Three Girls and Bob, about a single woman who attends an intimacy workshop with her friends.

10.21.06 - People Online: Fast Forward Jennifer Aniston zips into the American Airlines Theater Monday morning to get to work on The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway benefit in New York City, along with Edie Falco, Matt Dillon and others. At task: creating six new plays in just 24 hours.

10.18.06 - Jennifer Aniston will produce and possibly star in Counter Clockwise, a dramedy about Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer's study in which she reversed the aging process of her subjects by making them think they were younger.

  Jennifer Aniston
Paul Fenton/
10.17.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Nipped Tuck: We're strictly Team Jennifer Aniston, but it'd be much easier to support the gal if her blousy top was properly tucked into these skinny gray pants. Why so sloppy, Jen? The only satisfactory answer here would be that you were making out with Vince Vaughn in the limo and didn't have time to readjust your outfit. -->

10.17.06 - Vaughn Sues Over Cheating Stories Vince Vaughn hasn't been unfaithful to Jennifer Aniston. In fact, they're still dating. The "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" actor is suing several tabloids over a story that he was allegedly kissing a "mystery blonde" after breaking it off with Aniston, reports People. More...

10.17.06 - People Online: 'Reel' Talent Jennifer Aniston steps out Monday at the West Hollywood premiere of Room 10, a short film she co-directed as part of Glamour magazine's Reel Moments series. "What's so empowering and so exciting is the day-by-day creative process," she told Oprah about making the film.

10.16.06 - People Online: Bloody Good Courteney Cox keeps her composure despite husband David Arquette's gore-splattered suit during the premiere of his slasher flick The Tripper, which unspooled at Los Angeles's 6th annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival on Friday.

10.16.06 - 'Friends' Co-Creator Dances to CW Marta Kauffman is taking a turn with the CW around the pilot dance floor. The writer-producer and Warner Bros. TV will create a one-hour pilot for the fledling network tentatively titled "Steps," a "comedrama" or "dancedy" about a family-run dance studio, according to The Hollywood Reporter. More...

10.10.06 - People Online: Good Cause Courteney Cox and David Arquette get cozy with U.N. adviser Dr. Jeffrey Sachs at his Millennium Promise bash in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The nonprofit, which is also supported by such activist-luminaries as Angelina Jolie and Bono, has a mission to end world poverty by 2025.

10.9.06 - People Online: News Hound Courteney Cox gets the scoop on her competitors Thursday on the Hollywood set of her FX show, Dirt. The former Friend plays an editor of a celeb-obsessed magazine in the new series, which debuts in 2007.

10.5.06 - Aniston and Vaughn's Real-Life 'Break-Up' Well, for sure this time, since it comes from an unnamed source close to the couple, it must be true: Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have called it quits. More...

9.21.06 - LeBlanc's Divorce Finalized Matt LeBlanc has finally ended his three-year marriage to his wife Melissa. The former "Joey" star's divorce was granted in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday, Sept. 20. According to the 28-page document found on, the legal marriage termination is effective Friday, Oct. 6. More...

9.14.06 - People magazine declared that Jennifer Aniston topped the list of best-dressed women of 2006 for her natural fashion sense.

8.30.06 - Aniston Settles Topless Photo Lawsuit Jennifer Aniston's topless photos are going to get a lot less exposure. "The Break-Up" actress and the photographer who snapped her semi-nude picture have "mutually agreed on their differences," reports "Extra." More...

8.30.06 - People Online: Back on the Scene Jennifer Aniston, who has kept a low-profile since telling PEOPLE that she's not engaged to boyfriend Vince Vaughn, ventures out of a Santa Monica recording studio on Tuesday.

8.30.06 - People Online: 'Friend'-ly Fitness Courteney Cox picks up the pace Monday while exercising along the Malibu surf.

8.29.06 - Rumor has it there may be some kind of special in the works for Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback....

8.28.06 - Pictures from the Emmys! Matthew Perry and guest at the TV Guide Emmys party. Lisa Kudrow on the red carpet. Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. Lisa Kudrow with Michael Stern on the red carpet.

8.28.06 - Matt LeBlanc is being sued for defamation by an exotic dancer alleging that he talked smack about her, and the remarks made their way into the National Enquirer. According to the Associated Press, Stephanie Stephens says the ex-Friend told someone who blabbed to the Enquirer that she was sexually aggressive and gave him not only a lap dance but a "night of sexual debauchery... at her place of employment." The legal papers go on to huff that "all sexual contact between the defendant and the plaintiff took place in the privacy of [the plaintiff's] residence."

8.27.06 - Michael Ausiello reports that Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham arrived at Entertainment Weekly's Emmy bash at Republic last night... and while these two have attended events together before, last night they were looking pretty, um, friendly with each other.

8.17.06 - While the increasingly defensive tabloid that first declared Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn engaged stands by its story, maintaining it was based on "lengthy interviews with four separate and independent sources," Aniston herself has stepped forth to deem the story "insane," telling People, "I'm not engaged, I don't have a ring, and I haven't been proposed to." What prompted the typically tight-lipped Aniston to comment is the fact that the story has received coverage on legit news outlets, "and we're supposed to be believing in the news."

8.15.06 - In an update that a full 31 percent of you care about, Courteney Cox tells Wednesday's Access Hollywood that Us' cover story is "made up," and that Friends friend Jennifer Aniston has not promised herself (and her considerable dowry) to Vince Vaughn. "They didn't get engaged that night [June 27] and they are absolutely not engaged," says Cox. "Unless it happened in the last 20 minutes, no, it did not happen." Cox, who plays the editor of a celebrity tabloid in the upcoming FX series Dirt, says her TV alter ego never would have botched a story like this because "she would have the facts. She would have someone planted under the table the entire night, but she would have gotten the truth."

8.10.06 - As reported here in a late-Wednesday-afternoon update, a spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston has wholly denied a tabloid report that Vince Vaughn popped the question to the Friends alumna. "They are not engaged. The Us story is a complete fabrication," the rep reiterates to the New York Post. "She has no ring, there was no proposal.... I could not be more clear about this." Nonetheless, Us stands by its story, which is a bit charming, Woodward-and-Bernstein-esque.

8.9.06 - "A friend of the couple's" tells Us that Vince Vaughn popped the question to Jennifer Aniston on June 27, capping a nine-day retreat to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "They're engaged!" the source (apparently) squeals. "Vince almost cries whenever he tells the story of the proposal." (Yeah, that's hot.) The mag's cover tease also suggests that Vince's is bigger than Brad's. The engagement ring, that is.

8.7.06 - People Online: Lucky Dog Jennifer Aniston, who reportedly adopted another dog recently, shares some puppy love while stepping out in Malibu on Sunday.

8.7.06 - People Online: The Perfect Setup Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow make it a lounge act while vacationing together in Mexico on Sunday. The singer, who split from fiancé Lance Armstrong in February, has been dating an L.A.-based film director for the past few months, thanks to a setup by pal Cox.

8.1.06 - People Online: Tee Zone Courteney Cox shows off her wild side while husband David Arquette clowns around Sunday at the L.A. premiere of the animated film Barnyard: The Original Party Animals. Cox voices the role of carefree cow Daisy in the family flick.

  Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow by
John P. Johnson/HBO
8.01.05 - TV Guide Insider - Kudrow's Comeback: "We Don't Feel Done"

by Matt Webb Mitovich

For those of you who Valerie Cherish'd HBO's The Comeback, here something to make you say, "I wanna see that!" The single-season look at a onetime sitcom queen's bid for a return to fame arrives on DVD this week, complete with extras, including an update on the horrific role Val has since been offered and a look at her Dancing with the Stars stint. spoke with cocreator Lisa Kudrow, Emmy-nominated for playing the hapless actress, about her ongoing Comeback, Valerie's A-list "Angel" of a fan, and Madonna stealing her hair. First of all, congratulations on your Emmy nod! Lisa Kudrow: Thank you very much. How surprised were you to see The Comeback remembered, with no less than three nominations?
Kudrow: I was pretty surprised. I kept hearing, "You're going to get a nomination," and thought, "Oh, that could be nice." [Chuckles] But we got three nominations, which was super-exciting. We had 13 episodes, went off the air, and then three nominations? Pretty extraordinary. What have you submitted for your Emmy reel?
Kudrow: I submitted the finale. That was a very, very good episode. You and cocreator Michael Patrick King offer DVD commentary. How fun was it to revisit the show like that?
Kudrow: Oh my god, we enjoyed every second of it. The nice thing that HBO did was let us write and shoot two completely original pieces for the DVD. Valerie does commentary on one episode and it's hilarious, if I do say so myself! She's like, "Well, I don't remember feeling that badly." [Laughs] "The camera goes in super-close so it makes it look like it's worse than it is." I love how the DVD continues the whole show-within-a-show-within-a-show thing. For example, the extras' production crew has ostensibly been bankrolled by Valerie and [husband] Mark.
Kudrow: Yeah, it's like looking into a four-way mirror. It just keeps going! I laughed out loud when Val mentions a TV-movie she was offered where she is raped by a whole town, but on top of that it was shooting in Nova Scotia.
Kudrow: "Get raped all day, nowhere to go out for dinner." Michael Patrick King comes up with zingers that are unbelievable. Valerie has no clue about what's appropriate. She thinks everything will come off looking cute. [Laughs] Was Robert Michael Morris more than happy to reprise his role as Mickey for the extras?
Kudrow: Yeah, he was. I also wanted [Laura Silverman as] Jane and [Dan Bucatinsky as] Billy the publicist, but we couldn't hire that many actors. I was interested to learn that Cameron Diaz is a huge Comeback fan, and that's why she agreed to guest on the Leno episode.
Kudrow: Wasn't that nice of her? And she was uncomfortable at first, because she didn't want to be the reason the "beloved" Valerie doesn't get on Leno! [Laughs] I completely understood [her hesitation], so I said, "No, no, we'll just change it." Have you heard similar affection for the show from others in the biz?
Kudrow: Yes, I have. One of the funny things is people, especially actors, are pretty guarded about their experiences. Everything is "OK," you know what I mean? I go on talk shows and do stuff for the show and I couldn't tell if the people interviewing me ever saw an episode or not. Then afterward they would take me aside and say, "In episode such-and-such? That happened to me!" And they'd tell me their story. But on air, they really distance themselves. Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't know what anyone is afraid of. Retribution? Maybe. But for what? We also got e-mails from a lot of writers and directors for shows that we respect, and we found out that on Monday morning they'd take at least an hour at work to talk about Sunday's episode of The Comeback. It was so flattering! So when we got canceled, we were kind of shocked, but we thought, "All right, but look at who liked it!" Also on the extras is a "behind-the-scenes" at Val doing Dancing with the Stars. Might that have been an episode for Season 2?
Kudrow: Part of one, yeah. We thought it would be fun to say, "Here's what she's up to now." Whether there is a "Room & Bored" [on the air] or not, or "The Comeback" or not, she's still going to probably "go to New York and try for Broadway" or take a class at the Actors Studio.... She would keep going. We don't feel done with Valerie, I know that. We just don't feel done. It's too fun. The cast has been doing well since. Malin Akerman ("Room & Bored" star Juna) was on Entourage, and just booked a Ben Stiller movie. The girl who played your daughter was on Gilmore Girls....
Kudrow: We had really good actors. Laura Silverman, Damian Young (Mark), Lance Barber (Paulie G) and Robert Bagnell (Tom)... all so good. Before we knew if we were getting picked up or not, some people at the networks would casually ask, "Do you know if you're picked up yet? Do you have a contract with Malin...?" They'd be asking who can they steal, basically. [Laughs] I always wondered, was Valerie's fixation on her hair in any way a wink at all the fuss made over Jennifer Aniston's "the Rachel" hairdo on Friends?
Kudrow: No-o-o! Oh my god, no. No. Valerie was making a big deal out of her hairstyle, which was done like 15 years ago — or more! And then Madonna went on to steal it!
Kudrow: Did you notice that?! That was extraordinary. I figured her hair guy was a big Comeback fan. Perception-wise, is Phoebe a harder character for an actor to put behind them, versus some of the other Friends? Phoebe and Joey were the broader of the bunch.
Kudrow: That depends on who you talk to. I thought the characters were kind of broad, but then I meet people who'd say, "My best friend is exactly like Phoebe!" If I wanted to go back and be on an ensemble, four-camera, live-audience, brightly lit network show, then yeah, getting past me not being Phoebe would be really tricky. [But doing Friends] was nothing but a plus, for obvious reasons. It gave me the opportunity to do smaller independent films that are interesting, and that's why I got 13 episodes of The Comeback in the first place. You and Dan Bucatinsky have a new production deal at NBC. Got anything cooking yet?
Kudrow: Oh, sure, we've got a few things that we're working on, but nothing I can talk about. Anything where we might see you on camera?
Kudrow: No, no. No. How will you make the decision whether to star in one of your projects or not?
Kudrow: The Comeback just lit every fire inside me. It was out of my control. And I haven't encountered anything [else] that felt out of my control yet.

7.30.06 - The first season of Friends is now available for download on iTunes. $1.99 per episode, or $27.99 for the entire season.

7.18.06 - In a sit-down with the U.K.'s Channel 4, Jennifer Aniston copped to missing her Friends alter ego of Rachel, then went on to open the door to a reunion special. "The only thing I can think of doing is, maybe for fun, a Thanksgiving episode," she said.

7.7.06 - People Online: Cool Brittania Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette — sun-kissed from their Sardinia getaway last week — make a sharp-dressed pair in London on Thursday.

7.6.06 - Lisa Kudrow was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for her role as Valerie Cherish in The Comeback.

  Jennifer Aniston
Tim Whitby/
6.16.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Ex-Squeeze You?: We usually love Jennifer Aniston just the way she is. Unfortunately, Jen's classic style takes a nosedive at the London premiere of The Break-Up, where she trades her traditionally flattering little black dress for a flimsy gray frock with spaghetti-strap halter and revealing back cutout. That bandeau top barely fits over her breasts--in fact, we see spillage--and in this case, that's not a good thing. -->

6.15.06 - Jennifer Aniston was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for choice Movie Actress: Comedy, for her role in "The Break-Up." Teenagers can vote at, which has sponsored the balloting for several years, and at several sites owned by FOX parent News Corp.:, and The awards will be handed out Aug. 20 on FOX, and teenagers can vote for the winners through Aug. 11. The nominees announced Thursday constitute "Wave One" of the process, with two more to come in the weeks leading up to the awards.

6.15.06 - People Online: Walk the Line Jennifer Aniston is all smiles Wednesday as she arrives at the London premiere of The Break-Up. The actress and her costar beau Vince Vaughn spent the previous day in Paris, where they shared an intimate dinner at the Plaza Athenée.

6.15.06 - A spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston rebuffs a tabloid-mag report that the actress and beau Vince Vaughn took a step toward the altar by recently picking out a $500,000, 9.5-carat, canary-diamond engagement ring. "They are not engaged," the rep tells the New York Daily News.

6.14.06 - People Online: City of (Candle)Light Back in Paris, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn enjoy a candlelit dinner at the ritzy Plaza Athenee on Tuesday. The couple are mixing pleasure with business as they tour Europe to promote The Break-Up.

6.14.06 - Lisa Kudrow is in a new indie office comedy called "Kabluey." The film will be directed by Scott Prendergast, and also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy's Denny).

6.14.06 - From Lisa Kudrow, whose first post-Friends TV effort, HBO's The Comeback, performed underwhelmingly, has inked a two-year development deal at NBC with production partner Dan Bucatinsky. The duo is already developing a TV adaptation of the book But Enough About Me, but Kudrow is said to be open to starring in a project if the right one comes along.

6.13.06 - People Online: Silver Belle Jennifer Aniston takes in the scene at a Hamburg, Germany, screening of The Break-Up on Monday. The actress and beau Vince Vaughn arrived in separate limos and kept their distance from each other during the evening's festivities.

6.12.06 - People Online: In Their Court Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are an island among the masses at the French Open in Paris, where they watched Spaniard Rafael Nadal defend his crown against Switzerland's Roger Federer in the men's final.

6.6.06 - People Online: Sweet Success Jennifer Aniston heads Down Under for the Sydney premiere of The Break-Up on Monday. The romantic comedy, costarring beau Vince Vaughn, debuted at No. 1 in the States despite a few bad reviews.

6.6.06 - Jen, Vince Go Fish Down Under Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn premiered The Break-Up Down Under on Monday – after visiting Australia's Sydney Aquarium.

A Sydney Aquarium rep tells PEOPLE's Australian sister magazine, Who, that the pair arrived around 11:30 a.m. with about six others for a tour of the Great Barrier Reef exhibit. Among the displays are clown fish (like those in Finding Nemo), and two varieties of sharks – the Blacktip reef shark and the Lemon shark.

Both stars fed the sharks by dropping the food on top of the water.

The guide who escorted the couple found them to be "very friendly and chatty and interested in learning about the fish," says the aquarium rep, who adds, "They weren't outwardly affectionate, but you could tell they were close to one another."

From the aquarium the group headed to Café Sydney, overlooking the city's harbor, for lunch (they shared a seafood platter); then it was a rest at their hotel before hitting the red carpet – separately, and so far apart they could not be photographed together.

Aniston wore her signature basic black – a sparkling strapless Armani. Asked by a reporter about the movie's love lessons, she replied, "Oh, what have I learned about relationships? You know, you learn nothing more from this movie than I think we learn from our real relationships. Which is communicate better, be as honest as you can be, and just try to do better."

Asked whether she would consider moving to Chicago, where The Break-Up was filmed (and where she and Vaughn are rumored to be house-hunting), Aniston told Who, "I would consider moving to Chicago, yeah. It's a great city." Her favorite thing about it? "The food."

Inside the theater, she and Vaughn appeared together onstage to answer questions before the screening. On Aniston's nude scene, Vaughn said, "That was the only day I was early, I was the last one to leave, and I said (to the crew): 'Guys, I know you think we got it, but we don't want to walk away from this scene too soon.' "

"Yeah," added Aniston. "That was a fun day."

Quipped Vaughn, "I saved you all from having to see me full naked. They get to see me and all my flab, but that's not really a selling point, Jen!"

To which Aniston replied, "That depends on whatever blows your hair back!"

6.5.06 - FX has ordered 13 episodes of a new show executive produced by and starring Courteney Cox. In the show, which is called Dirt, Cox stars as Lucy Spiller, editor-in-chief of two high-circulation celebrity-obsessed tabloids. The show is scheduled to go into production in August and will likely debut in early 2007. Also executive producing is Cox's husband, David Arquette. Matthew Carnahan, a writer producer on Thieves and Fastlane, created Dirt and will server as its showrunner. Also starring are Laura Allen ("The 4400") as an actress on the rise, Ian Hart ("Finding Neverland") as a photographer and Josh Stewart ("Third Watch") as an actor badly in need of a hit.

6.2.06 - People Online: Day of Beauty A little pampering goes a long way: Jennifer Aniston — who's been busy promoting The Break-Up — emerges refreshed from a New York City spa on Wednesday.

5.31.06 - People Online: Surf City Courteney Cox basks in the sunny weather during a beach stroll with pals near her Malibu home on Monday.

5.25.06 - People Online: City Girl In town to promote The Break-Up, Jennifer Aniston steps out of her New York hotel on Tuesday. Though she and beau Vince Vaughn have both been hitting the publicity circuit for the film, they've made sure to keep their distance from one another.

  Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston by
Steve Granitz/
5.23.06 - Caught in the Act - Back on top: With her signature just-got-back-from-the-beach style, Jennifer Aniston managed to look triumphant and relaxed (finally!) at the premiere of The Break-Up. Brad who? -->

5.23.06 - People Online: Fan Favorite Jennifer Aniston gets up close and personal with fans Monday at the Los Angeles premiere of The Break-Up. But the actress was more reserved when it came to boyfriend and costar Vince Vaughn – the private couple kept their distance from each other until they entered the theater.

5.23.06 - Is Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn's romance — that is, the film they have hitting theaters June 2 — in trouble? A studio rep is discounting online reports that The Break-Up is fairing poorly with preview audiences, telling the New York Post, "Compared to Mission: Impossible III or The Da Vinci Code, the [tracking] numbers look small, but it's apples and oranges. For a romantic comedy, the numbers are very encouraging."

5.22.06 - People Online: Stepping Out Jennifer Aniston is chic in anything-but-basic black at a press day in Santa Monica for her film The Break-Up on Friday (the romantic comedy opens June 2). Also in attendance but arriving separately: beau and costar Vince Vaughn.

  Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry
Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry
by Dimitrios Kambouris/
5.16.06 - Caught in the Act - Back to the tube: Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry donned their best business attire to rub elbows with ad execs and promote their new NBC drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. -->

  Courteney Cox
Lisa O'Connor/
5.12.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Class Act: Courteney Cox may have been a supporting player at the AFI event honoring husband David Arquette's family, but she still looks like a leading lady to us. Courteney wears a sheer tiered black-and-white Yves Saint Laurent frock that's belted at the waist with strappy sandals and a large locket necklace. The briefcase does have us confused, but maybe she's carrying it for David? -->

5.10.06 - Matthew Perry says that his new show, NBC's just-booked-for-fall series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, promises to be much more than a behind-the-scenes look at a Saturday Night Live-type series. "[Creator] Aaron Sorkin and [exec producer] Tommy Schlamme certainly know how to put on excellent, dramatic television," Perry tells "But the other thing I like about it, and what NBC likes about it, is it's kind of a show about how bad television has become. It even takes shots at NBC. It's a rather significant show for them, and hopefully for everybody." 5.10.06 - Don't miss Matthew Perry in TNT's The Ron Clark Story, premiering in August.

5.1.06 - From the May 1st issue of TV Guide: Talking with... David Schwimmer In his May 7 Broadway debut, David Schwimmer just might shed his goofy Ross Gellar image. The Friends grad (who grew up in Los Angeles in a house of theater buffs) will play a dead-serious defense attorney in a revival of tense military courtroom drama "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial." TV Guide caught up with the 39-year-old actor before opening night.

How does it feel to be on Broadway?
It has always been my dream. In some unconscious way, I knew that it was also my parents' secret dream. If I am really an actor, in my parents' eyes, the big time is Broadway.

What drew you to this play?
Honestly, it's just great writing. Every [military] play, whether it's "A Few Good Men" or "Defiance," and all the great TV courtroom dramas follow this play. This set the precedent.

Do you think a lot of Friends fans will turn up to see you on stage?
In London [for the Neil Labute drama "Some Girls"], it surprised me. My feeling is, hey, if the only reason they are coming is because they saw that TV show, then I am really happy to introduce them to the theater.

Will we see any of the Friends cast in the audience?
Boy, I hope when they're in New York, they will check it out.

Do you all still hang out?
I had lunch with Matt LeBlanc before I came out here, and I spoke to Courteney [Cox]. I bumped into Matt Perry. We keep in touch, but we haven't had a reunion or anything. —Rebecca Paley

4.12.06 - From Film fans have spoken, and they want Jennifer Aniston to ride off into the sunset with Vince Vaughn. The New York Post reports that as the result of poorly received test screenings, the lovers recently reshot the ending to their upcoming romantic comedy, The Break Up. "People want to see Jennifer happy after she was thrown over by Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie," a source tells the paper. "And the original ending was... just too much of the same."

4.4.06 - From Matthew Perry and Piper Perabo are just "friends" now.

4.3.06 - Don't miss David Schwimmer on Broadway in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. The show begins previews on April 14th, and opening night is on May 7th.

3.31.06 - Yesterday, Matt LeBlanc filed for divorce from his wife of three years, Entertainment Tonight reports. Irreconcilable differences are said to have done in the union of the former Friend and his missus.

  Jennifer Aniston
Steve Granitz/
3.29.06 - E!Online Fashion Polic: Old Faithful Jennifer Aniston's critics complain she's bland. We say the girl's found a classic look that works for her and she's sticking with it. The Friends with Money star walks the red carpet at her L.A. premiere with effortless elegance, wearing a ruffled black cocktail dress and gladiator-style stilettos. We say kudos to her sense of commitment--not everyone can be that faithful. -->

  Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston by
Steve Granitz/
3.28.06 - Caught in the Act: Grin and bear it Either Jennifer Aniston is faking enthusiasm for the premiere of her new film, Friends with Money, or she's laughing to herself about the tattoo she got on the way to the show. -->

3.28.06 - "I'll be there for you...." "And so will I." "Me, too." "Count me in." "I'm game." "Eh, I dunno about this." That's pretty much the scenario that's being reported by Newsday regarding a Friends reunion. Five of the sextet were into the idea — and Kathleen Turner even claimed to have been approached about reprising the role of Chandler's father — but, Lisa Kudrow is being quoted as saying, "One member has said no. It's one of the guys. I'm gutted."

  Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn
Jack Carter/
3.24.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Less than Zero Malibu beach bunny Jennifer Aniston and her buddy Vince Vaughn bundle up against the Aspen cold, but it looks like the mercury drop has put the duo's fashion sense into a deep freeze. She's shrouded in a bland 'n' boring wool scarf and hat, winter coat and weatherproof boots--and he's not much better. What's wrong, Jen? Isn't Vince keeping your fire burning? -->

3.21.06 - An ABC spokesperson scoffs at a tabloid-magazine report that Jennifer Aniston elected to give Today a sit-down interview (tied to the April 7 release of Friends with Money), if only out of spite because ABC's Diane Sawyer did a recent "puff piece" on ex-hubby Brad Pitt. The ABC flack tells the New York Daily News that the rumor is "utterly ridiculous."

3.1.06 - Friends alumna Courteney Cox is returning to series television, playing a muckraking tabloid-magazine editor — you know, the kind who persistently dogs Jennifer Aniston — in Dirt, a drama pilot for FX. Cox and hubby David Arquette are exec producers on the series.

2.27.06 - During an evening of readings to promote the paperback release of "The Underminer: The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life," onetime Jennifer Aniston roomie Nancy Balbirer detailed her story of "Jane," an actress pal who was "obsessed with her looks," "would give herself bikini waxes while lying upside down on the couch," "iced her nipples before auditions" and "got liposuction [and] a nose job" before landing a role on "a sitcom about friends who live together in [NYC]," a source relays to the New York Daily News. Balbirer added that when she herself landed a gig on said TV comedy, she was "inexplicably fired." Aniston's rep refutes many of the details, claiming that Balbirer is "using Jennifer to get attention."

1.27.06 - While Matthew Perry did, indeed, originally pass on the lead role in Aaron Sorkin's new show for NBC (previously known as Studio 7), apparently Sorkin was persistent, and finally Perry agreed to do it. The drama is set behind the scenes at a Saturday Night Live-type show. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Perry will play a genius comic writer who was forced out of his position as one of the sketch show's producers after a dispute with the network. Steven Weber will play the net's ambitious chairman, and D.L. Hughley one of the sketch show's stars.

  Jennifer Aniston
George Pimentel/
1.25.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Class Act Jennifer Aniston does what any normal woman would do after her ex impregnates his sex-symbol mistress--cuddles up in a comfy sweater, some favorite jeans and leg-lengthening wedge boots. Kudos to the Friends with Money star for not hiding out and drowning her sorrows in Häagen-Dazs. -->

1.18.06 - Matthew Perry has passed on the lead role in Aaron Sorkin's latest show, Studio 7.

1.11.06 - Last night, Jennifer Aniston won a special People's Choice Award for Olay Total Effects Fans Favorite Look.

  Courteney Cox
1110/Most Wanted/
1.6.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Jersey Girl At first glance, Courteney Cox looks adorably down-to-earth in a comfy white pullover, jeans and sneakers. Hey, even celebrities deserve a day off from the fancy duds. But what's with the Bon Jovi era-inspired fringe bag? Courteney, if you keep abusing dress-down day like this, we will have to take it away from you.

  Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo
Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo
by Jeff Vespa/,
12.21.05 - TV Guide Caught in the Act - If Brad could see me now: Jennifer Aniston makes funny faces to compete with Mark Ruffalo's '70s porn-star look at the premiere of their movie, Rumor Has It. Or maybe there's something in her teeth. -->

  Jennifer Aniston
Jeffrey Mayer/
12.19.05 - E!Online Fashion Police - Familiar Fodder: Jennifer Aniston looks nice enough at the Los Angeles Rumor Has It premiere in a boring strapless Calvin Klein gown. Her film career has taken off, but her look sure has stayed the same. Okay, Brad, now we get it. Same old, same old. Time to spice it up, Jen! How about some tats, an international orphan or a vial of Brad's blood? Oh, you'd prefer the latter? -->

  Courteney Cox
Steve Granitz/
12.15.05 - E!Online Fashion Police - Straight Shooter: Courteney Cox looks just peachy in her Christian Dior straight skirt and fitted print jacket at the EIF Women's Cancer Research Fund bash in Los Angeles. This slightly serious suiting befits the former Friend's new gig producing the TV show Daisy Does America. And no, it's not on the Playboy Channel. -->

12.12.05 - David Schwimmer will make his Broadway debut in '06 in a revival of "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial."

12.12.05 - The Italian tabloid Grazia reports that Jennifer Aniston had a champagne-soaked bonfire on the beach and burned her old love letters from Brad Pitt and her wedding gown. Who knows if it's true....

12.7.05 - Michael Ausiello of TV Guide Online reports that Aaron Sorkin has approached Matthew Perry to play the lead in his new NBC drama, Studio 7. In addition, Sorkin is putting out feelers to see if Perry's "Whole Nine Yards" co-star Amanda Peet might be interested as a co-lead.

12.7.05 - E!Online: Paparazzo Snaps Back at Aniston The naked truth: The shutterbug who snapped photos of a topless Jennifer Aniston is sorry. Sort of. Peter Brandt told ABC News Radio Tuesday that he never intended to sell the titillating pictures, but that sending them to publications along with other photos was "maybe my mistake." More...

12.5.05 - E!Online: Aniston Orders Cover-Up If you want to see Jennifer Aniston's bosom, you're going to have to buy GQ. The actress, showing off one of her Friends in profile on the December cover of the men's magazine, has launched a preemptive war against pictures that let them all hang out. More...

12.2.05 - TV Guide Online reports that Vince Vaughn (with Jennifer Aniston as a passenger) was pulled over by Scottsdale, AZ police on Tuesday. He was given a sobriety test, but was declared below the legal blood-alcohol level of 0.08. "We determined [Vaughn] had something to drink," an officer tells the Associated Press, "[so] we suggested that he not continue to drive." After Vaughn deposited his car at a nearby resort, he and Aniston grabbed a ride with a friend who had been following them.

12.1.05 - Matt LeBlanc's spin-off, Joey, will not be aired by NBC during its coverage of the winter Olympics, but should be back once the Olympics are over.

12.1.05 - "Friends with Money," a comedy costarring Jennifer Aniston and Frances McDormand, has been picked to open the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, running Jan. 19-27.

  David Arquette and Courteney Cox by Chris Weeks/
David Arquette and Courteney Cox
by Chris Weeks/
11.30.05 - TV Guide Caught in the Act - They mean funny business: Power couple David Arquette and Courteney Cox continued their Coquette empire-building at the premiere of the TBS comedy series they produced, Daisy Does America. -->

11.28.05 - Courteney Cox will be returning to TV, but as a producer on her husband, David Arquette's, new as-yet-untitled ABC show about a private eye who is reunited with his ex-wife and son after a long separation. Everybody Loves Raymond writer-producer Jeremy Stevens is also on board to tap out the script and share exec-producing duties with the couple.

11.23.05 - Michael Ausiello from reports that Adam Goldberg — aka Chandler's obsessive roommate, Eddie — will show up on Joey in December playing a completely different character: a high-school chum of Joey's named Jimmy. As of now, it's just one episode, but considering the huge twist that's in store for Jimmy, I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing him again.

11.15.05 - Aniston Is Topless Man of the Year or the first time ever, GQ's Man of the Year is missing the Y chromosome. No, it's not a genetic mutation. The lucky man is a woman -- Jennifer Aniston, to be precise. The 10th annual Man of the Year issue features a topless Aniston -- technically their (Wo)Man of the Year -- on the cover and inside in a photo spread. Her naughty bits are discretely obscured. More...

  Lisa Kudrow in Happy Endings
Lisa Kudrow by
Eric Lee/Lion's Gate
11.14.05 - TV Guide Online: Lisa Kudrow Seeks More Happy Days

by Matt Webb Mitovich

On the occasion of the DVD release of the summer film Happy Endings — in which Lisa Kudrow plays Mamie, an abortion counselor searching for the son she had as a teenager and gave up for adoption — caught up with the actress to discuss her own massage experiences, the unfortunate fate of HBO's The Comeback, and whether Phoebe might ever drop in on her pal Joey. In Happy Endings you and your masseur boyfriend make a fake documentary about the extra-special treatment he gives women. Ever have a crush on a masseur?
Lisa Kudrow: Oh, no. [Laughs] I prefer to be massaged by women. Was it just a big ol' coincidence that your first big post-Friends project was about Phoebe's profession?
Kudrow: Oh, my gosh! A complete coincidence. That is a funny coincidence. Happy Endings, The Comeback, Friends... Why are you so good at playing "awkward" moments?
Kudrow: "Awkward" is the thing that cracks me up the most, so that's my favorite kind of comedy. Should people be surprised to see Tom Arnold so effective in his dramatic Happy Endings role?
Kudrow: He was so good — oh, my gosh. I know him and he's a lovely man. I'll be interviewing him in a few days. He has a Christmas-sy TV-movie coming out.
Kudrow: Oh, he does? Because he also has that [feature] movie, The Kid & I [in theaters Dec. 2], which is supposed to be really good. Tom is just the nicest guy. I loved The Comeback and talked it up to friends, even though, I have to say, I found Val's life at times depressing.
Kudrow: Why, because her house was really nice and she had a husband who loved her? Fair point. But she always fell short of getting her due. What sort of feedback did you personally get on the series?
Kudrow: People loved it. To me what was interesting was just the range of experiences and perceptions people had with The Comeback. For some people, Valerie was just, "Oh my god, how pathetic! When is she going to stand up for herself?" And other people saw her as unbelievably strong. She let [show-within-a-show headwriter] Paulie G. do his stupid stuff and say his stupid things, but she kept her eye on the prize. The other thing that amazed me was that no one questioned her pride. No one questioned why it was so important that someone mention her in a [People's Choice Award acceptance] speech. Why is it so important that the paparazzi is taking your picture? She just seemed to need validation.
Kudrow: But why do you need validation from there? [Laughs] You have a husband who loves you, you have a nice house, you're in good health, so is your husband.... Val took a lot of flack from the "Room and Bored" writers, namely Paulie G. Are sitcom scribes such sacred cows in real life?
Kudrow: I think every actor-writer relationship is unique, but they're definitely the boss. It's their show, they created it and they basically have the final word. Were you more outspoken on Friends than Val was?
Kudrow: It was a different relationship. The six of us were treated differently. Our writers, David [Crane] and Marta [Kauffman] and Kevin Bright... Not a Paulie G. in the bunch?
Kudrow: No, no, and they behaved more collaboratively. But there probably are Paulie G.s out there.
Kudrow: Yeah, there are. We had a whole staff of writers who understood how to write the writers. Was there anyone you wanted to guest-star on the show?
Kudrow: Yeah, Diane Keaton. You, along with Michael McKean and Jennifer Coolidge, lent your voice to IFC's animated Hopeless Pictures. Was that a lot of fun?
Kudrow: Oh, yeah. It was so fun. I would just get on the phone and be the ex-wife [of McKean's character]. It was really fun. Much of it is ad-libbed. Were you OK with that?
Kudrow: I loved that. I started in the Groundlings [improv group], but that's a different kind of ad-libbing. What's next for you? A sequel to Analyze That? "Analyze Another Thing?"
Kudrow: [Laughs] I don't think so. Do you no longer get offered Phoebe-type roles?
Kudrow: I get offered a lot of interesting independent-film stuff. And since Wonderland, I don't get offered anything like Phoebe. So that's all good. But I don't know what's next. Well, worst case, Phoebe could easily drop in on Joey, flit in and out of his life.
Kudrow: Phoebe got married by the end of [Friends], so maybe I left Mike and I'm visiting? She went from famine to feast at the end there, having to choose between Hank Azaria and Paul Rudd!
Kudrow: Please, it was like that the whole series! We always joked that Phoebe was the biggest, uh, whore of all!

11.10.05 - TV Guide Online: ABC has made a pilot commitment to a half-hour comedy from Friends show-runner Shana Goldberg, about two sisters raised in very different (i.e., rich versus poor) environments.

11.8.05 - Aniston Prefers Discussing Dog Over Vaughn Although Jennifer Aniston is keeping her mouth shut about her relationship with "The Break Up" co-star Vince Vaughn, she's only too happy discuss other topics, including her latest film and her dog. More...

11.8.05 - Ted Casablanca of E!Online said that Matthew Perry was recently seen at the L.A. club Mood... in fact, he's there all the time lately.

Arnaldo Magnani/
11.4.05 - EOnline Fashion Police: Executive Privilege Look, Jennifer Aniston made a great executive fashion decision! Spotted in New York in appropriate casual Friday gear--a sleek, polished jacket, politely faded jeans, swingy hair and a hefty black satchel--she looks like a Manhattan career gal headed out for happy hour. And when you see her in Derailed, you'll know what that could lead to. Word of advice, guys: Do not let her buy your Amtrak ticket. -->

Evan Agostini/Getty Images
11.4.05 - EOnline Fashion Police: Battle Dress Take that, Angelina! Jennifer Aniston flexes her muscles in a sexy gold lamé frock with an impressive winter glow, thanks to all those well-photographed Malibu beach strolls. Unfortunately, she's at the New York premiere of her new film, Derailed--not some global Save the Children summit. That's not likely to impress her do-gooder ex. Maybe next time, Jen? -->

11.4.05 - TV Guide Online: WATCH DUTY Matt LeBlanc is producing The Watch, a sci-fi horror thriller to be directed by Jeepers Creepers helmer Victor Salva, per the Hollywood Reporter. Set in World War II, the flick revolves around a team of soldiers who are being terrorized by an evil spirit unleashed by the Nazis.

11.2.05 - TV Guide Online: Jen Calls Tabs "Bizarre" In an interview airing tonight on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, headline magnet Jennifer Aniston says today's tabloid journalism is "at a bizarre all-time high," but luckily she is able to dodge the muckraking. "I don't live in a city where I'm walking by newsstands; I'm in a car driving by them. So, unless I'm going to hurt myself while driving or p--s a lot of people off, I just don't pay attention."

11.1.05 - E!Online: Aniston House Crasher Jail Bound re's one unwanted friend that won't be visiting Jennifer Aniston for a long while. David Hesterbey, a transient who broke into Aniston's Malibu digs in August, pleaded no contest Tuesday to one burglary count stemming from the house-crashing. In turn, Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Karen Nudell sentenced him to one year in jail and five years' probation, and ordered him to keep away from the actress for the next decade. More...

10.31.05 - From the October 31st issue of TV Guide (accompanying a picture): Not exactly Central Perk Former Friends star Matthew Perry spent October 12 and 13 in New York City filming TNT's original movie The Ron Clark Story, a real-life tale of a small-town teacher who moves to Manhattan to work at one of the city's toughest public schools. Here, Perry, who plays the title role, shoots a scene on 117th Street in East Harlem.

10.24.05 - From Kristin at E!Online: Okay, I know not all of you share my love for HBO's recently tragically canceled series The Comeback, but at the very least, you can share my love for Lisa Kudrow, right? 'Cause after running into her at the Lili Claire Foundation Benefit last weekend, I am once again completely obsessed. And rocking myself in the fetal position.

I finally got to deliver the message to Valerie/Lisa that we so loved her show, and she could not have been more adorably excited to hear the praise. When asked if she'd seen the campaign to save The Comeback, she beamed, "Yeah! Isn't that great? I loved it!" But she also had some sad news for us fans holding out hope that another network might pick it up: "That won't happen," she said. "It would be too hard to cut in with commercials, and it wouldn't really fit on another network."

Of course, what we really want to know is the number-one question asked in the wake of any devastating tragedy: Why, God, why?! Lisa said she was given "a bunch of reasons" for the show's cancellation, one of them being that the show was too expensive.

"I guess HBO just isn't HBO anymore," Lisa mused, referring to the HBO of yesteryear that took chances on slow builders like Curb Your Enthusiasm. But the saddest news of all is what Lisa said when asked if she's planning any new TV projects. "No," she said flatly. "Where would I go from here?"

10.18.05 - Ted Casablancas of E!Online reports that Jennifer Aniston has been publicly canoodling with her co-star from the movie "Break Up," Vince Vaughn.

10.12.05 - New York Times: After Years of 'Friends,' Producer's Solo - On a recent afternoon, Marta Kauffman leaned back on a black couch in her no-frills office on the WB lot here to talk about the new series she is producing, "Related," which is shown on Wednesday nights at 9. Then, a gentle tapping on the door preceded the entrance of Eric Goldberg, Ms. Kauffman's curly haired, bespectacled personal assistant, who got down on one knee and held a sotto voce conference with his boss about a minor filming difficulty. Five minutes later Mr. Goldberg was back, again assuming the marriage proposal position and whispering, this time about a problem requiring on-set resolution. Ms. Kauffman removed her black leather sneakers from the coffee table, straightened her rectangular red plastic eyeglasses and wrapped up the interview with a shrug. "There's no one else," she explained matter-of-factly. "It's just me." More...

10.11.05 - David Crane, along with the creator of UPN's Half & Half, Jeffrey Klarik, has gotten a 13-episode commitment from CBS for a sitcom called The Class for the Fall, 2006 season. The Class will follow a group of twentysomethings who, having first become friends in the third grade, are reunited after losing touch with one another over the years.

10.3.05 - With their marriage now officially (legally) over, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have put their Beverly Hills home on the market for a cool $28 million. The French Normandy-style estate, purchased four years ago for less than half that amount, boasts Brazilian mahogany floors, an art studio, a pub, a tennis court and a screening room.

9.20.05 - HBO has opted not to renew Lisa Kudrow's show The Comeback, which wrapped its debut season on August 28th.

9.15.05 - David Hesterbey, the homeless man who scaled a 9-foot fence and entered the Pacific Coast Highway home of Jennifer Aniston in late August, has been ordered by a judge to stay at least 100 yards away from the Friends alumna for a period of three years. -TV Guide Online

9.1.05 - ABC's Diane Sawyer has landed Jennifer Aniston's first sit-down, tell-all interview since her separation from Brad Pitt, the New York Post reports. Look for ABC to trumpet the juicy Q&A in the coming weeks.

8.31.05 - TV Guide Online: Friends Vet Plots Her Return

by Matt Webb Mitovich

In 1994, Marta Kauffman and cocreator David Crane gave the world six good Friends. Now, two years after that long-running series' celebrated swan song, Kauffman is back executive-producing a new show. Where her previous creations were, well, friends, now she is telling a story about people who are Related — nd sexy Sorelli sisters of New York City, played by Jennifer Esposito (Spin City), Kiele Sanchez (Married to the Kellys), Lizzy Caplan (Freaks and Geeks) and Laura Breckenridge — in WB's new single-camera comedy (premiering Oct. 5).

"I know it's kind of soon after Friends," Kauffman admits. "It kind of surprised me, too. But I am truly honored to be working on this show." Related, she promises, "has the camaraderie and sexiness" of Sex and the City plus "the warmth of humor of Friends — and the urban neurosis of both." And while on paper it may seem to echo a onetime NBC series about sibs, she points out, "This is not a melodrama [and] it doesn't have the sappier sentiment that Sisters did.

"In addition," Kauffman quips, "I'm not sure that the sisters on Sisters ever saw each other naked. I think the Sorelli girls have."

Why the choice of Related for her return to network television, versus a traditional three-camera, Friends-style sitcom? "To be completely honest, I didn't want to compete with myself," says Kauffman. "I wanted to reinvent myself. This seemed like the perfect way to step back in without competing with what I've already done, because I can't win that battle."

And how has Kauffman prepared for — to steal the title of former Friend Lisa Kudrow's show — the comeback? Has she ferociously scouted out the competition? Surprisingly, she admits, "I have not been checking in on a lot of comedy. For me, the idea of spending a lot of time watching Joey is kind of depressing because — talk about denial! — it indicates that Friends is over."

8.29.05 - E!Online: Alleged Aniston Crasher Charged Jennifer Aniston's allegedly uninvited beach house guest might soon have a new address: Prison. David Hesterbey, 48, is facing a six-year stint behind bars after being charged Monday in Los Angeles with felony burglary for his alleged visit to Aniston's Malibu rental. More...

8.22.05 - As of Friday, August 19th, Jennifer Aniston's divorce from Brad Pitt is official. The marital partnership, which lasted four and a half years, will be dissolved on paper on Sunday, Oct. 2 -- six months after the divorce papers were served.

8.21.05 - In an article on TV's Top 20 Catchphrases in the August 21 issue of of TV Guide, "How you doin'?" is ranked #4. The creators of Friends were against character catchphrases. According to cocreator and executive producer David Crane, "It seemed hokey." Just the same, the pickup line was slipped into the script in 1998. "Suddenly," Crane says, "Joey had a catchphrase. It became an easy laugh, so we had to watch ouselves [to not] overuse it. You don't want to be a how-you-doin' whore."

8.2.05 - Matthew Perry has been cast in the lead role of The Ron Clark Story, an upcoming TNT original movie about the acclaimed East Harlem, NY teacher.

8.2.05 - TV Guide online reports that Jennifer Aniston admits to being "lonely," "upset" and "confused" by the dissolution of her marriage to Brad Pitt and her hubby's subsequent closeness with Angelina Jolie. "That really p----- me off," she tells Vanity Fair, referring to published stories suggesting that she didn't want to give Pitt a family. "I've never in my life said I didn't want to have children. I did and I do and I will!" While Aniston allows that Pitt and Jolie's W pictorial (promoting Mr. & Mrs. Smith with a "family album") was in poor taste, she says, "I choose to believe my husband" and his claims that he didn't bed Jolie before their separation. "I will love [Brad] for the rest of my life. I really do hope that someday we can be friends again." Awww, look at her giving Friends a plug amid all of this.

7.31.05 - reports that Michael Baroni, who was going to sell on eBay his memorabilia from dating Jennifer Aniston when they were both teenagers, has acquiesced to a plea by Aniston's representatives saying that the star would really rather he not put up for sale a birthday message she supposedly wrote on a scrap of toilet paper.

Baroni's auction was slated to go live on eBay on Friday, July 29 with an attached reserve of $100,000. Since it was announced early last week that Baroni would be auctioning off the relationship debris from the summer of 1984, three fake auctions have cropped up on the popular auction site.

Baroni claims that following their fling, he and Aniston were friends until 1991 when her career began to take off. In addition to the toilet paper birthday card, the lot would also have included the page from Baroni's address book with Aniston's contact information (from that time), a photo of them hugging from when they first met, a mash note from Aniston, an autographed photo from the cast of "Friends" and a copy of In Touch magazine containing an article about their relationship.

Dimitrious Kambouris/
7.27.05 - EOnline Fashion Police: Friend of Days But why so glum, Monica? Courteney Cox sure keeps a straight face at MTV's TRL, even while looking cute in the green silk sundress, black beads and flat sandals. Just because Joey did a sitcom, Chandler hosted the ESPY Awards, Rachel made a movie with Vince Vaughn, Phoebe's on HBO and you really haven't done squat, that's no reason to look so depressed. Okay, maybe it is. -->

7.26.05 - TV Guide Online reports that Michael Baroni, who dated Jennifer Aniston in 1984, is now a lawyer in California, and is offering up on eBay a vast collection of keepsakes from his teen courtship with Aniston, including a birthday card she wrote to him on a sheet of toilet paper and the actual page from Baroni's address book book with Aniston's phone number. Baroni says the collection, which he hopes will nab $100,000, "shows an innocent look into someone I think is very endearing."

6.15.05 - TV Guide reports that Matthew Perry has split up with his girlfriend of two years, ex-fashion student Rachel Dunn. "There was no drama involved," a source tells People, "just a commitment by Matthew to stay focused on his sobriety."

6.10.05 - Matthew Perry will host the 2005 ESPY Awards, airing July 17th on ESPN.

Lisa Kudrow by
John P. Johnson/HBO
6.06.05 - TV Guide: Lisa Kudrow's Big Comedy Comeback

by Craig Tomashoff

Did you see last night's premiere of HBO's The Comeback (Sundays, 9:30 pm/ET)? This certainly looks suspicious.

Valerie Cherish starred in a hit sitcom during the '90s. Lisa Kudrow starred in a hit sitcom during the '90s. Valerie Cherish is returning to TV with a new comedy. Lisa Kudrow is returning to TV with a new comedy. Valerie Cherish is seriously self-absorbed and desperately career-obsessed. Lisa Kudrow is...

"OK, there's no element of her life that collides with mine," says a smiling Kudrow, 41, taking a break from filming. "I don't worry about what she worries about. Some of the Valerie stuff comes from observations of ego-based, needy people, not just actors. People who have everything — great spouse, great children, no financial needs — but can't feel alive unless they have drama."

After Friends finished its 10-year run last spring, Kudrow seemed ready to spend more time at home with husband Michel Stern and 7-year-old son Julian, as well as make feature films like the upcoming Happy Endings. Then she had lunch with writer and producer Michael Patrick King, who was still recovering from the end of his series, Sex and the City.

"Neither of us was eager to do [a series] again," Kudrow says. "We both said we'd take a break and do it again when it's right. When that happens, I'll know it. And I knew it at that lunch."

"She said, 'I want to do this character,'" King says, "and talked about a woman who thinks she's more talented and important and genuine than she is. Then she started doing the character and I started laughing. We thought, 'How about setting her in the sitcom world, since we both know that world?'"

Even though Valerie ends up on an exceedingly average comedy called Room and Bored, The Comeback also takes place in the world of reality TV. As Valerie tries to regain her 15 minutes of fame by playing a dowdy aunt to some sexy twentysomethings, a camera crew documents every (mostly wrong) move she makes for a reality show also called The Comeback.

"What reality TV has that I love is villains," King says. "Manipulated villains, with the soap-opera angle."

Adds Kudrow, a fan of America's Next Top Model and The Amazing Race: "Valerie thinks she can control this [fake reality show]."

Most of the time, though, the joke is on her. The Comeback is as sassy and snarky as Friends was cute and cuddly, a major departure for Kudrow that made this HBO series "the only way I could be back on a TV set." Her new show also offers her the chance to do something else she could never do on Friends — write some of the episodes.

"I'm not surprised she's writing. She's got a great work ethic," says former costar Matt LeBlanc, whose Friends spin-off, Joey, will be back for a second season. "My only advice to her is that the first year is hard. Don't compare it to the last year of Friends."

6.04.05 - Kudrow Makes a Welcome 'Comeback' - Forty is a dangerous age for any Hollywood actress -- especially if she's Valerie Cherish, the hilariously neurotic star of "The Comeback," which begins a 13-episode HBO run on Sunday, June 5. Back in her salad days, Valerie (Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow, "Friends") snagged a People's Choice Award for her work in "I'm It!" -- a workplace sitcom that eked out a modest run of 97 episodes and added a chimp to its cast before expiring. More...

5.12.05 - MTV has ordered a pilot from married producers David Arquette and Courteney Cox about a crime-fighting squirrel who takes on neighborhood villains. Titled Dirt Squirrel, the project is being described by The Hollywood Reporter as a "quirky live-action/animation hybrid." Arquette, aided by a costume and prosthetics, will play the title character, who is aided in his unselfish tasks by his merry band of helpers, known as the League of Super Nuts: skateboarder Merlin Ipswich and 'rebel grrrl' Jeannie Ipswich, played by Jeff Braine and Brittany Finamore. Cox will have a role in the pilot as one of the villains.

5.5.05 - Lisa Kudrow's new HBO show, The Comeback, will premiere on June 5th at 10:30pm ET.

3.28.05 - Jennifer Aniston formally filed for divorce Friday from husband Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. In the petition, Aniston requested that Pitt not be awarded spousal support and that her maiden name be restored.

3.17.05 - The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jennifer Aniston has been cast opposite Vince Vaughn in the Universal comedy "The Break Up."

3.7.05 - Aniston Named Female Star of the Year - Former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston, who is of Greek descent, will be celebrating the luck of the Irish in Las Vegas. The 36-year-old starlet will spend her St. Patrick's Day, March 17, being honored as ShoWest 2005's Female Star of the Year, according to The Hollywood Reporter....

2.14.05 - Matthew Perry was briefly hospitalized in Los Angeles last week after reportedly suffering a bad reaction to prescription medication.

1.10.05 - Matt LeBlanc won Favorite Male TV Star and Joey won Favorite New Television Comedy Series at the People's Choice Awards last night.

1.10.05 - Jennifer Aniston and her husband, Brad Pitt, have confirmed that they are separating after nearly five years of marriage. "For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any speculation reported by the tabloid media," they said in a joint statement. "This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration. We happily remain committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another."

12.21.04 - Kudrow, Gyllenhaal Catch the Sundance Spirit - "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern will kick off the Sundance Film Festival with their indie film "Happy Endings" on the same day they're honored with the Spirit of Sundance Award....

11.29.04 - Jennifer Aniston is in talks to star in the indie movie "Friends With Money," also starring Oscar nominees Catherine Keener and Joan Cusack, and Oscar winner Frances McDormand. The films revolves around a group of rich friends.

11.23.04 - The Hollywood Reporter reports that the comedy series, The Comeback, which is being developed for Lisa Kudrow by former Sex and the City helmer Michael Patrick King, has received a 13-episode order from HBO. The show stars Lisa Kudrow as a former sitcom star who is trying to revive her career.

11.23.04 - TV Guide Online: Matthew Perry Scrubs In

by Daniel R. Coleridge

Still wondering if you'll really see any of Matt LeBlanc's old Friends visit Joey? Us, too! Especially since the spin-off's been, shall we say, "creatively challenged" since its start. For his part, Matthew Perry — aka Joey's ex-roomie, Chandler Bing — says the Chan Chan Man and Co. have no plans to wing their way out to L.A. anytime soon.

"No, that's not come up," Perry explains. "I think that's gonna come up a little bit later, once they really get going. Maybe in Year 2, we'll pop by."

Erm, if there is a second year, that is. Meanwhile, Perry's back on NBC's air tonight in Scrubs (9:30 pm/ET), where he's working behind the camera lens as well as in front of it. "It was kind of an offer to do both," he chuckles. "'Come be on Scrubs and we'll let you direct.' The show runner, Bill Lawrence, wrote for the first year of Friends. He's been a friend for a long time."

The sitch: Perry and his father, actor John Bennett Perry, are portraying father and son on screen, too. "[My character's] a loser," he laughs. "That was fun to play. The story line is my father needs a kidney and I have to give him one of mine. We have a contentious relationship and I don't want to give it to him. That's where Zach Braff comes in and helps us out.

"My father took direction great," Perry notes. "He's also a wonderful musician, and we were able to incorporate him playing guitar into the show."

Rather than come onto the Sacred Heart Hospital set like some big man, Perry humbly viewed his directorial debut as an educational experience. "I'd like to follow in the footsteps of young Zach Braff and direct a movie someday," he says. "I found that directing a one-camera show has taught me enough to possibly fake my way through directing [my own] little movie.

"There's no talk about me stopping acting," he adds, by way of reassuring fans. "I'm [starting filming on] a drama called Two Weeks with multiple Academy Award-winner Sally Field in January. I've been offered [opportunities] to direct things in the past, but simply didn't know how. Now I know how, so I want to do both."

11.19.04 - Perry Calls 'Scrubs' Stint a 'Gift' - Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday for reuniting with old family and friends. Or, in the case of NBC's "Scrubs," it's a ideal time to reunite old "Friends" with their family. Matthew Perry, away from television screens since a certain long-running comedy went off the air in May, makes his directorial debut with this Tuesday's (Nov. 23) "Scrubs," an episode in which he also co-stars with his father, actor John Bennett Perry....

10.19.04 - Dennis Hopper, along with Chris Alberghini, Mike Chessler and Matt LeBlanc's Fort Hill Prods are developing a comedy project starring Hopper as a free thinking dad who goes to live with his son and not so free thinking daughter in law. With him he brings a new 2-year old daughter, and his free thinking ways bleeds into his parenting skills. The project will be produced by Warner Bros. Television and will be on the pitch road the next couple of weeks.

10.12.04 - Kristin at E!Online reports that Matthew Perry will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Scrubs on NBC and also plans to direct an episode later this season.

10.6.04 - The Hollywood Reporter reports that Matt LeBlanc is thisclose to selling the WB on a drama series about the relationship between a father and son after the older son dies. LeBlanc would not act in the show, he would be a producer.

10.1.04 - Joey is the second fall show of the season on any network to get picked up for a full season.

9.27.04 - David Schwimmer and Celebrity Poker regular Ben Affleck have signed on to star in a mostly improvised big-screen comedy set at an international poker tournament, Variety reports. Zak Penn ("Incident at Loch Ness") will direct.

9.22.04 - E!Online Fashion Police: Toga Toga Just call her Jennifer of Troy. Jennifer Aniston sloppily hangs loose with tousled hair, chandelier earrings and a strapless gold-beaded Grecian goddess gown by Chanel. Hey, isn't this a leftover from Brad's gladiator movie? "It's a little bohemian, raggy thing with a little bling-bling," she admits. Too bad the dress looks like it already launched a thousand ships.

Steve Granitz/
9.20.04 - TV Guide Online - Trophy husband: Jennifer Aniston may not have won an Emmy, but she gets to go home with the best prize of all – Brad Pitt.

9.20.04 - Courteney Cox is reportedly talking to HBO about a series project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cox would play an actress on a comeback trail and adjusting to life as a recovering alcoholic.

9.20.04 - The word is out about Lisa Kudrow's new comedy on HBO. It will be called The Comeback, and Kudrow will be playing a former sitcom star staging a comeback, however she will not be playing herself.

9.15.04 - David Schwimmer is suing Hollywood charity promoter Aaron Tonken for slander, Celebrity Justice reports. Tonken recently told the National Enquirer that Schwimmer refused participation in a fund-raiser unless he was gifted with two expensive Rolex watches. In court papers, Schwimmer denies this, calling Tonken "a scheming, pathological liar, bent on castigating celebrities by concocting bogus stories." It should be noted that last month Tonken was sentenced to five years in jail after pleading guilty to mail and wire fraud relating to phony charity events.

9.7.04 - Season 8 will be out on DVD on November 9th.

8.31.04 - David Schwimmer has signed on to diret the indie comdey "Run, Fat Boy, Run" which is centered on an overweight guy who leaves his fiancée on their wedding day only to discover years later that he really loves her.

8.26.04 - Ted at E!Online reports that Courteney Cox and David Arquette were seen shoveling scrumptious grub into their smallish mouths at Toast. Third Street. Hell-Ay. Sweet pea Coco-baby was not invited, so Mom and Pops enjoyed an uninterrupted meal with another guy-girl couple. A lightly sun-kissed Court-babe flaunted a very voluptuous chest in a low-cut tank--don't hear grungy David complaining! While digging into a huge salad, Mr. A.'s wifey-poo swiftly stole fries from her hubby's plate, like, eight times! Order your own deep-fried sticks, doll.

8.26.04 - TV Guide Online reports that serial guest star Aisha Tyler (Friends, Nip/Tuck) has landed multi-episode gigs on CSI and 24 this season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former Talk Soup hostess will play a quirky scientist on CSI and a CTU data analyst on 24.

8.25.04 - 'Friends' Vets Count to 'Three' at CBS - Moving on from their run on NBC's hit comedy "Friends," producers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen are starting a relationship with CBS. The duo's relationship comedy "Three" has received a pilot order from the network....

8.24.04 - Matt LeBlanc will be a presenter at the 56th annual Primetime Emmys, which will air on Sunday, September 19th, on ABC.

8.10.04 - Rob Reiner has replaced Ted Griffin as the director of Warner Bros.' updated version of "The Graduate," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Griffin, who penned the screenplay, apparently clashed with the cast, including star Jennifer Aniston. Graduate would have been his directorial debut. Production resumes Aug. 18.

7.28.04 - TV Guide reports that HBO is turning to some old friends in hopes of finding its next big comedy hit. Sex and the City writer Michael Patrick King is developing a new half-hour series starring Lisa Kudrow. The project is being kept hush-hush -- so much so that an HBO spokesperson wasn't even aware of it. Kudrow's reps, meanwhile, didn't return phone calls.

7.23.04 - Jennifer Aniston has been cast opposite British actor Clive Owen in the upcoming Miramax thriller "Derailed," according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is based on James Siegel's best-selling novel about a married ad exec whose life takes an unpredictable turn when he misses his train to work.

7.23.04 - Newcomer Andrea Anders has landed the pivotal role of Joey's next-door neighbor (and possible love interest) on Joey, NBC now confirms. Anders replaces Ashley Scott, who was let go last month for creative reasons. Anders, who had a small role in this summer's Stepford Wives remake, beat out several actresses for the coveted gig.

7.15.04 - Friends received 7 Emmy nominations: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Matt LeBlanc), Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Jennifer Aniston), Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Danny DeVito), Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Christina Applegate), Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series ("The One With Phoebe's Wedding"), Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series ("The Last One"), and Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series or Special ("The Last One"). In addition, Matthew Perry was nominated for an award as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his role on "The West Wing," and "The One Before The Last One - 10 Years Of Friends" was nominated Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special. The awards ceremony will air live on ABC on Sunday, September 19th, from the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, and will be hosted by Garry Shandling.

7.13.04 - Ireland On-Line reports that Matt LeBlanc has hated shooting Joey, because he misses his old castmates too much. LeBlanc wishes he was still working with all his old co-stars, but he particularly misses Matthew Perry. LeBlanc confesses: "When I first got to the stage, I kept waiting for the door to open and for Chandler to walk in."

7.12.04 - Kevin Bright says it's unlikely that any of the Friends will be guest-starring on Joey, but he confirms that David Schimmer will be directing the 6th episode.

7.12.04 - Joey will premiere on NBC on September 9th.

6.27.04 - David Arquette Finds Time to 'Mix It Up' - With the end of "Friends," one might assume that star Courteney Cox-Arquette and her husband, actor David Arquette, might have a little more time on their hands. But with a new baby daughter and a burgeoning production company, David Arquette reveals it just isn't so....

6.25.04 - Courteney Cox and David Arquette have have launched a production company called Coquette, which has several series projects in the works, including a drama eyed by HBO. They currently produce Mix It Up for WE.

6.24.04 - According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has tapped veteran comedy writers Alex Herschlag and David Flebotte to serve as Will & Grace's new showrunners. Friends grad Greg Malins is also coming on board as a co-executive producer.

6.17.04 - A rep for Jennifer Aniston is denying rumors that the former Friends star is expecting her first child with hubby Brad Pitt. "She's not pregnant," her spokesman tells USA Today.

6.15.04 - Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are developing a feature film about famed female war photographer Dickey Chapelle, Variety reports. Aniston is also expected to play the lead role.

6.14.04 - The Hollywood Reporter: 'Friends' duo relocating with 'Joey' - Emmy-winning "Friends" writer-producers Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Plummer will serve as co-executive producers on the series spinoff for NBC "Joey" as part of a two-year overall deal with NBC Universal Television. Former actresses Bilsing-Graham and Plummer got their writing start at Warner Bros.' workshop, which landed them their first writing jobs on "Veronica's Closet," the studio's comedy for NBC. After working on the show for two years, the pair moved to WBTV's "Friends," where they rose to co-executive producers in the NBC series' final two seasons....

6.14.04 - Courteney Cox reportedly gave birth to a baby girl yesterday morning after going into labor the day before. The child is named Coco, and was born two days before Cox's own 40th birthday.

6.9.04 - Matt LeBlanc's upcoming Joey spinoff is down one friend. Ashley Scott (Birds of Prey) -- who was set to play Joey's sexy (and married) next-door neighbor in Los Angeles -- has been let go and the role will be tweaked and recast. Variety reports that the character will now be single and serve as a potential love interest for Joey.

5.20.04 - E!Online Fashion Police: Homer Run - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston prove they're Trojan worthy at the Cannes premiere of Troy. Brad smolders in a simple yet sexy buzz cut and classic tux. And Jen's slinky white halter Versace goddess gown would surely appease the gods. Just call this sizzlin' duo Mr. and Mythus Pitt.

5.18.04 - TV Guide Online reports that Matt LeBlanc's spinoff, Joey, received an enthusiastic reception at NBC's fall-schedule presentation to advertisers Monday in New York. Confident that they have a hit on their hands, Peacock execs screened the sitcom's entire pilot episode for the packed crowd. The consensus? It was warm, clever and, most importantly, funny.

5.13.04 - From TV Guide Online: Let's play a little game called "What show am I referring to?" Sounds like fun, right? Alright, here we go: In a 10-year-old internal NBC research report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Peacock execs trashed one of their sitcoms as "not very entertaining, clever or original," dissed the show's stars and noted that test audiences "found the characters smug, superficial and self-absorbed." So, what show am I referring to? "Suddenly Susan?" Nope. "Veronica's Closet?" Try again. "Caroline in the City?" You're getting closer. "No... it couldn't be... Friends???" Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Wasn't that fun?!

5.13.04 - Ted at E!Online reports that David Schwimmer was seen keenly chowin' down at Toast on 3rd Street in L.A. As Dave-doll strutted into the restaurant while gabbing on his cell, his sex appeal was up a delectable notch due to his dirty jeans and slight stubble. D.S. joined a girl and a guy at an outside table fer all of 3rd Street to gleefully rubberneck.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt by Darla Khazei
5.11.04 - From TV Guide Online Caught in the Act: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston made black look anything but basic at the premiere of his new flick, Troy. -->

5.10.04 - The May 9th issue of TV Guide gives Cheers to TV Land for paying proper respect to a landmark series by bowing out of competition against the finale of Friends. The cable channel replaced its regular lineup of classic shows with scenes of TV Land staffers watching the NBC sitcom's sign-off and urging viewers to do likewise. If only all rival networks were this friendly.

5.7.04 - The One Where 'Friends' Puts Up Massive Finale Ratings - By 9 p.m. ET on Thursday (May 7), NBC's finale night was already a success. "The One with All the Other Ones -- A Friends Retrospective" delivered the highest ratings among adults 18-49 in that time slot since May of 2002, eclipsing nearly two seasons of regular "Friends" numbers. It was the next hour, though, where things began to get exciting for NBC. The exhaustively hyped series finale of "Friends" drew 52.25 million viewers for its extended 66 minute running time. In the television history the only series finales to have drawn bigger audiences were "M*A*S*H" (106.0 million), "Cheers" (80.4 million) and "Seinfeld" (76.3 million)....

5.6.04 - TV Guide Online reports that more than 51 million viewers were there for Friends in its final hour last night, making the farewell the second most-watched telecast of the season -- behind only the Super Bowl. The figure, which was pretty much in line with expectations, pales in comparison to the 76 million who turned out for Seinfeld's big finish in 1998. Speaking of the big good-bye, could it have been any more satisfying? Well, let's examine the evidence: Ross and Rachel finally got their happy ending; Monica and Chandler became the proud parents of twins; Phoebe discovered her inner filangee; and Joey laid his Foosball table to rest. Earlier in the day, the sextet -- Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox Arquette, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc -- looked on as the Warner Bros. soundstage where Friends was filmed for the past 10 years was renamed the "Friends Stage." And later that night, the gang reunited on the set of Central Perk for a special Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (Could Jay's opening monologue have been any lamer?)

5.6.04 - TV Guide Online reports that the Friends cast will be there for each other today when they reunite to watch the sitcom's big finale. According to the New York Post, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer will attend a private screening of the episode on the Warner Bros. lot at 4 pm/PST. Afterwards, they'll join Jay Leno to tape a special edition of The Tonight Show on the set of Central Perk. Meanwhile, Hollywood's major film studios are getting in on the Friends frenzy by purchasing the bulk of the pricey ad space during tonight's finale. Among the summer blockbusters getting airtime this evening: Van Helsing, Spider-Man 2, The Day After Tomorrow, Shrek 2 and The Stepford Wives.

5.5.04 - ESPN reports that Jennifer Aniston, who is of Greek decent, will help carry the Olympic torch around the world on it way to Athens, Greece. The flame will begin its 46,800 mile trip on June 4th in Sydney, Australia. It will cover six continents, 27 countries, and 33 cities with about 11,000 runners.

5.4.04 - Ten Lessons in Friendship from Kristin at E!Online. This is everything this tater learned from 236 episodes of Friends and quite possibly everything you'll ever need to know about anything.

5.3.04 - Kristin at E!Online says that she's heard excellent things about Aisha Tyler's Lisa Kudrow-produced pilot. As for Joey...well, she's heard excellent things about Aisha Tyler's Lisa Kudrow-produced pilot.

4.29.04 - Ted Casablanca at E!Online reports that actors who are auditioning for it tell him David Schwimmer is developing a show roughly based on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." But with an Indian twist. Not American, for the record.

4.27.04 - From Cynthia's Cynopsis: What will $2 million get you these days? About 30 seconds ... on the final episode of Friends. And ponying up to the ad bar are Anheuser-Busch, Gatorade, GM, Chevy, GE, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Co., Allstate Corp., and Hewlett Packard, according to the Wall Street Journal. Within estimated 50 million viewers tuning in for the big May 6 event (still smaller numbers than the finale of MASH which had more than double that number), the price tag is approx a 14% increase from NBC's final ep of Seinfeld in 1998. Then a single 30 would cost you approx $1.72 million, and the show enjoyed a little more than 76 million viewers. And if you'd like to join in the fun and say goodbye to Frasier on NBC (May 13), that will cost you the bargain rate of $800,000. Here's the schedule for May 6: At 8p NBC has scheduled a 60m Friends clip show; 9pm a 60m original episode. The Friends will also appear later on that evening on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno which will have been taped at Central Perk, the Friends favorite coffee joint.

4.26.04 - Don't miss E!Online's special Farewell to Friends.

4.25.04 - From the April 25th issue of TV Guide: David Schwimmer reports that later this month, there will be a Friends reunion on the set of Matt LeBlanc's spin-off, Joey. "The cast will all be [attending] the taping of the pilot," he says. And it looks like Schwimmer might even be directing some episodes. "I talked to Matt and [executive producer] Kevin Bright about it, and we're going to work it out." In other words, Matt–all together now–he'll be there for you...

4.23.04 - TV Guide Online reports that an appeals court has reinstated a sexual and racial-harassment lawsuit filed by a former writer's assistant on Friends. Last year, Amaani Lyle sued three of the sitcom's writers, claiming they joked about women and sex, and often ridiculed and mocked black people. The suit was eventually dismissed, but on Wednesday the appeals court determined that the defense's position -- that vulgar comments and jokes were a regular part of creating a program about sexually active young people -- was not strong enough to warrant a dismissal.

4.23.04 - On Tuesday, May 5th (the eve of the series finale), NBC will be re-airing the last two episodes of Friends from 8 to 9pm ET, and then from 9 to 11pm ET will be showing a special edition of Dateline NBC featuring interviews with the Friends.

4.20.04 - Cynthia's Cynopsis reports that TV Land will bid farewell to NBC's Friends on May 6, the night of the grand finale, with a two pronged salute. From 6-9pm the classic tv net will air Before They Were Friends, featuring each of the cast members on various sitcoms long before they came together for Friends. Then at 9pm - this is the brilliant part - for the entire hour that the Friends finale is airing, TV Land will be closed. Instead of regularly scheduled programming, viewers tuning in to TV Land will be treated to a room full of TV Land staffers - purportedly watching the Friends finale -- periodically addressing the camera to remind viewers that the Friends finale is on and that we really aren't airing anything so there's no point staying tuned. Worth tuning in just to see what's going on, albeit briefly. During the finale of Seinfeld lo those many years ago, TV Land shut down for that hour as well, airing nothing except a door with a sign that said they were closed and would be back after Seinfeld.

4.19.04 - TV Guide Online reports that Matt LeBlanc's spinoff series, Joey, will take over Friends' Thursday at 8 pm/ET timeslot next fall.

4.15.04 - NBC has added Ashley Scott to the cast of Joey (Warner Bros.) as Joey's neighbor. The spin off also stars Paulo Costanzo and Drea De Matteo as Joey's sister. in addition to, obviously, Matt Lablanc.

Matthew Perry by Michel/IPA
4.8.04 - From TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act": Could he be any cuter? Friends star Matthew Perry showed off his nice duds at the premiere of his new flick, The Whole Ten Yards. --->

4.5.04 - 'Friends' Finale Gets Quick DVD Turnaround - If your power goes out and you miss the "Friends" series finale on May 6, Warner Bros. Home Video has your back. A DVD of the hour-long finale (44 minutes or so without commercials) will hit stores within a week after the episode airs, Warner Bros. says. The episode is scheduled for release on DVD Tuesday, May 11....

4.1.04 - Don't miss It's Good to Be Matt LeBlanc, premiere on E! on Sunday, April 4th at 10pm. For more info, checkout E!Online.

3.29.04 - TV Guide Online reports that Sopranos mob mole Drea de Matteo has been cast as Matt LeBlanc's hairdresser sister in NBC's upcoming Friends spinoff, Joey. DeMatteo's character is described as a strong woman who, like her bro, has a way with the opposite sex. According to The Hollywood Reporter, de Matteo's Joey gig will not interfere with her obligations on the sixth and final season of The Sopranos, which starts shooting next year. In other Friends-related news, Jennifer Aniston has signed on to star in Gambit, Universal's upcoming remake of the 1966 British caper starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine. Ben Kingsley is reportedly attached to co-star.

3.19.04 - The March 20th issue of TV Guide gives Jeers to Friends for following too closely in Sex and the City's high-heeled footsteps. Both shows have wound down with Manhattanites planning adoptions and pondering moves to Paris and suburbia. We'll chalk it up to coincidence—unless one of the Friends suddenly contracts cancer.

3.19.04 - Relative newcomer Paulo Costanzo (Road Trip) has been cast as Matt LeBlanc's twentysomething nephew on NBC's Friends spin-off, Joey, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

3.14.04 - Cherry Bomb: Jennifer Aniston single-handedly raises the threat level at the Along Came Polly premiere in London. Our favorite Friend is shockingly stunning in a sexy strapless scarlet pouf Valentino dress, sharp black heels and fire-engine red lips. Sound the alarms, and duck for cover! Aniston's risqué moves are right on target.

3.12.04 - Hide and Chic: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt play the skin game at the Los Angeles premiere of his Spy Game. She's hip in a low-rise black leather skirt with high boots and a form-fitting chocolate brown turtleneck. Pitt keeps it sleek in a Gucci suede zip-front jacket over deliciously snug blue jeans with tawny lensed shades. Any other guy wearing this jacket might look pretty dorky, but Pitt pulls it off. Give the power couple a hand!

3.8.04 - Kristin at E!Online reports that the rumor buzzing around TV land is that castmembers were allowed to take a souvenir home from the set. Supposedly, Jennifer Aniston took the leather couch from Central Perk, David Schwimmer claimed Chandler and Joey's beloved foosball table, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc took their characters' leather reclining chairs, and Courteney Cox took the picture frame hanging on Monica's door. Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston spoke with about the possibility of a reunion special: "I think that would cheapen it. Do you remember the Brady Bunch reunion show? You remember the Happy Days reunion show? Were they ever good? Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap." So, it seems that maybe they don't need the set items anymore...

3.5.04 - Schwimmer Gets Behind NBC Pilot - "Friends" star David Schwimmer is staying in the NBC fold for his next project, signing on to direct and executive produce a comedy pilot at the network. Schwimmer, who's directed several episodes of "Friends," will step behind the camera again for "Nevermind Nirvana," a romantic comedy about a guy whose traditional East Indian family objects when he gets engaged to a white woman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

3.5.04 - TV Guide Online reports that Paul Reiser is wooing his onetime Mad About You costar Lisa Kudrow to make a guest appearance in a comedy pilot he's producing for NBC. The potential series, My 11:30, stars Jeff Goldblum as a playboy New York businessman who seeks help from a no-nonsense female shrink, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In related news, Kudrow's Friends bud David Schwimmer has signed on to direct and executive produce the Peacock comedy pilot Nevermind Nirvana, which centers on an East Indian guy and his white fiancee.

3.3.04 - The February 28th issue of TV Guide gives Jeers to Friends for wasting one of its precious few remaining episodes on a silly guest shot by Danny DeVito as a stripper. If we wanted to see a chubby guy shed his clothes, we'd flip over to Survivor: All-Stars' Richard Hatch.

2.26.04 - E!Online: Cherry Bomb - Jennifer Aniston single-handedly raises the threat level at the Along Came Polly premiere in London. Our favorite Friend is shockingly stunning in a sexy strapless scarlet pouf Valentino dress, sharp black heels and fire-engine red lips. Sound the alarms, and duck for cover! Aniston's risqué moves are right on target.

2.18.04 - E!Online Fashion Police: Good Mourning. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may be Hollywood's happiest married couple, but why did they dress so down in the dumps for the glitzy Los Angeles premiere of Along Came Polly? They look as if they're heading to a Friends funeral with Pitt's somber all-black Gucci suit, navy scarf and shorn head. Aniston fairs no better in her boring black Rochas skirt and Jil Sander top. Quick, somebody fetch these two some Prozac.

2.16.04 - Congratulations to Matt LeBlanc and his wife, Melissa, on the birth of their daughter, Marina, on February 8th.

2.10.04 - reports some casting news on the Friends spin-off, Joey. Joey's newest friends will include a hairdressing sister, a nephew described as a socially awkward Seth Cohen-type and a love interest/next-door neighbor named Allison.

2.7.04 - TV Guide gives Jeers to Friends for trying to pass off a clip job as a new episode. Chandler and Monica's decision to move to the suburbs prompted flashbacks to old footage of the gang hanging out in the couple's apartment. The NBC comedy's farewell season includes only 18 new installments (instead of the usual 24), so it's not fair that one of them was a cut-and-paste rerun.

2.6.04 - Jennifer Aniston has signed on to star in an untitled comedy about a young woman who discovers that her family's darkest secret was the inspiration for The Graduate. And, to add injury to insult, she may have been the biological offspring of that scandal.

1.24.04 - MSN Entertainment: 'Friends' Tapes Final Episode - The enduring comedy "Friends," with the theme song that promises "I'll be there for you," wrapped its final episode in front of an invitation-only audience on a set veiled in secrecy, all part of a plan to avoid spoiling the surprise ending for fans....

1.23.04 - From TV Guide Online: NBC has decided that, well, maybe Friends isn't the "best comedy ever" after all. The network promised Thursday not to rerun a much-criticized promo in which it used that phrase to refer to the departing hitcom. An NBC spokeswoman concedes that the spot "went overboard." She'll get no argument from Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, who last week expressed his dismay at the ad. "I don't blame them for saying that," he said. "Although, we all know it's not true."

1.20.04 - From TV Guide Online: Jennifer Aniston: Gotta Dance!

As Rachel on Friends, Jennifer Aniston doesn't show off her dancing skills too often. She struts her stuff in Along Came Polly (currently in theaters), but quickly realized all that hoofing around is a lot of harder than it looks.

"I was supposed to be a really good salsa dancer. I took two classes. I was supposed to take more, but I didn't," Aniston admits. "We [only] had two days shooting in New York, and then, the next bit for me was all of the salsa dancing. It was six days straight. My feet looked like raw meat. It was just disgusting, but it was so much fun. I loved it, I loved learning how to dance."

And then, a tragic twist. "Right after we shot those six days, I broke my toe," the 34-year-old says with a sigh. "So thank God we took care of all that stuff."

Turns out, shaking and shimmying with costar Ben Stiller didn't cause the broken digit. Aniston reluctantly takes responsibility for that one herself. "I stubbed it. It was just stupid," she laments. "It was absolutely ridiculous. [I injured my toe] on an ottoman."

Injuries aside, Aniston was happy to play Polly, a wild and free-spirited character who's quite different from herself. "I'm pretty controlled," she notes. "There are aspects of Polly that are very similar to me, in terms of indecision and commitment, but [I can't] think of the last time I just said, 'What the hell' and did something crazy."

1.20.04 - TV Guide Online reports that NBC is charging advertisers $2 million for a 30-second spot during the May 6 Friends finale -- a record for an entertainment show. By comparison, the network commanded $1.7 million a spot for its Seinfeld send-off in 1998.

1.20.04 - From TV Guide Online Caught in the Act: Baby Blues: A pregnant Courteney Cox Arquette promoted November at the Sundance Film Festival.

1.17.04 - Don't miss the great little interview with Jennifer Aniston on page 48 of the January 17th issue of TV Guide.

1.16.04 - From TV Guide Online: How Will Friends End?

As previously reported, Friends will wrap its 10-year laughfest on May 6 with what NBC is calling a "two-hour extravaganza." The first hour will be a retrospective, followed by a one-hour series finale. So what happens in the last episode? Well, that's top secret. But this week, the producers and cast did offer some hints at a farewell press conference with TV critics on the Friends set. Here's what we learned...

Ross and Rachel will go off into the sunset.
Well, they didn't say that, but we can read between the lines. Asked how he'd like to see Ross end up, David Schwimmer said: "We all end up with a sense of a new beginning. I can't divulge where we're going, but it's exactly what I had hoped." Hmmm... Back in September, Schwimmer told TV Guide that Ross and Rachel are "destined to be together. To quote Phoebe Buffay, they're each other's lobster, whether they know it or not." So don't be surprised if baby Emma's parents end the series as much more than mere Friends.

How will the other characters end up? Will we glimpse Joey's afterlife on Joey?
"I hope I'm not wearing a sweater-vest," joked Matthew Perry (Chandler), who played dumb on details of the finale's plot. The rest of the cast also kept mum. "The end of Friends is not a setup for the pilot of Joey," pointed out Kevin Bright, who executive produces both Friends and Matt LeBlanc's spin-off. "They'll be two separate shows."

Our Friends will say goodbye in a "comfortable" way, not go out all freaky like Roseanne.
"One of the important things for us," said cocreator Marta Kauffman, "was that [the finale] still felt like an episode of Friends — that it wasn't some gimmick superimposed on some episode, but it still felt like our show. We want them to be happy, and [we want] to feel good about saying goodbye to them." Agreed her writing partner, David Crane: "Yeah, we didn't want to do something high concept or take [it] out of the world of the show. It's just, hopefully, a really good episode of Friends."

While penning the finale, the Friends honchos took their cues from TV's comedic masters.
"To be honest, we watched a bunch [of other sitcoms' final episodes]," Kauffman admitted, citing The Bob Newhart Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Larry Sanders Show as her faves. "The ones that we really liked are the ones that seemed to stay true to what the series was." Added Crane: "We knew it had to be [an episode] where you felt something and, hopefully, you laughed a lot."

How will they keep spoilers of the conclusion from leaking out?
"There are elements that the [studio] audience will not be seeing," Kauffman explained. "We'll be shooting [some footage] before the audience comes in. We just have essential personnel on set for those. You just keep your fingers crossed."

1.15.04 - It's The One Where Production Ends on 'Friends' - The final show won't air for nearly five months, but in one sense, "Friends" will be over by next weekend. The show's cast read the script of series finale together on Monday (Jan. 12), and the episode -- the 18th and final one in the series' 10th season -- will tape next week. The one-hour finale is scheduled to air Thursday, May 6....

1.15.04 - Friends has received two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations: one for Female Actor in a Comedy Series (Lisa Kudrow) and one for Ensemble of a Comedy Series. The SAG Awards will air on TNT Sunday, February 22nd.

1.14.04 - From TV Guide Online: Friends will conclude its 10-year run on May 6 with what NBC is calling a "two-hour extravaganza," the network announced today on the TCA press tour in Hollywood. An hour-long retrospective will be followed by a one-hour series finale. Not to be outdone, Frasier will get similar treatment on May 13, when the 11-year-old sitcom returns to Thursday night for its own two-hour send-off.

1.14.04 - From TV Guide Online: Emotions ran high -- actually, more like medium -- when the cast and producers of NBC's Friends gathered on the show's set Tuesday for a farewell press conference with TV critics. As they prepare to shoot their final scenes next Friday, "We're like very delicate china and we're speeding toward a brick wall," said Jennifer Aniston. Added Lisa Kudrow: "It's a deeper loss than I was expecting." Among the interesting tidbits that came out of the nearly hour-long Q&A: NBC president Jeff Zucker denied that he offered the cast $2 million apiece to star in a reunion special, but joked that he's prepared to give them $4 million; Courteney Cox, who is due to give birth in July, is already showing; David Schwimmer may direct several episodes of Matt LeBlanc's spin-off Joey next season; and Paul Rudd drives a white Mitsubishi Diamante. I know this because he was seen driving off the Warner Bros. lot in one shortly before the session began.

1.12.04 - From TV Guide Online: A Friends rep is denying a report that NBC has agreed to pay Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer $2 million apiece to shoot a 90-minute reunion special to air in November 2004. The rumored get-together was supposedly going to be taped right after production wrapped later this month on the hitcom's final episode and show the gang getting together for Thanksgiving dinner.

1.12.04 - Friends won a People's Choice Award last night for Favorite Comedy, while Jennifer Aniston also won for favorite television actress.

1.9.04 - From TV Guide Online: If you find yourself sounding more and more like the gang from Friends, you're not losing your marbles. A University of Toronto study suggests that the long-running NBC comedy has left a lasting imprint on contemporary English. Specifically, researchers believe that Monica, Phoebe and Rachel's frequent use of the word "so" -- as in "so cool" -- has helped make the expression a favorite in mainstream culture.

1.6.04 - It's official, Courteney Cox is pregnant with her first child with her husband, David Arquette. No other details were released by the couple's publicist.

1.6.04 - Jennifer Aniston will host Saturday Night Live on NBC this Saturday, January 11th.

1.6.04 - From TV Guide Online Caught in the Act: Host With the Most: Jennifer Aniston posed for photogs and made cell phone calls on her way to a Saturday Night Live rehearsal.

1.5.04 - Stiller and Aniston Don't Copy Their 'Polly' Characters - In his latest film role, Ben Stiller plays a guy who assesses risks for a living and can quote how many people have touched a bowl of peanuts sitting at a bar and the kind of diseases someone could get by eating them. In reality, Stiller's not like that. "I am not neurotic about germs; I will eat food off the floor if something drops," Stiller tells Meanwhile, in the same movie, "Along Came Polly," Jennifer Aniston portrays a woman who's rather a free spirit who loves her pet ferret. She's not at all like her character....

12.19.03 - Matt LeBlanc was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. The Golden Globes will be presented on Sunday, Jan. 25 and the show will be televised live on NBC.

12.15.03 - 'Friends' End Has Aniston Looking for Sedation - Jennifer Aniston pouts when asked how she juggles making movies and doing her TV show "Friends" -- a question that gets asked every time she does press for movies like "Rock Star," "The Good Girl" and "Bruce Almighty." "After a couple of weeks, I'm not going to have that problem anymore," the actress says while shilling for her upcoming comedy "Along Came Polly," referring to May's demise of the NBC comedy after 10 seasons....

12.15.03 - 'Friends' Producers Pact with Paramount - Like so many hermit crabs seeking out new shells, the executive producers and showrunners on NBC's "Friends" are about to go scurrying off across the television landscape looking for new deals. Writer-producers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen are set to take up residence at Paramount Network Television....

12.9.03 - Fox is looking at another real-time series, this one taking place during a dinner party, a 24-episode long dinner party. Titled, you guessed it, The Dinner Party, the show is overseen by exec prods Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, produced by Is Or Isn't Entertainment/Warner Bros. Television, and will be written by Sandy Isaac.

12.9.03 - Lisa Kudrow is lending her voice to an untitled animated pilot under consideration at Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kudrow would voice the mother of a family whose life is disrupted when their uncle moves in.

12.5.03 - Jennifer Aniston, 34, is $550,000 richer, reports Entertainment Weekly. On November 20th, Mrs. Pitt settled her invasion-of-privacy and trespassing suit against Francois Navarre, the man who allegedly distributed photos of her sunbathing au natuel in her yard.

12.3.03 - Jennifer Aniston has been nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Television Performer, and Friends was also nominated for Favorite Telelvision Comedy Series. The People's Choice Awards will air live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on CBS on January 11th.

12.3.03 - E!Online: With Friends Like These, Who Needs a Million Dollars? - It only makes sense that a woman with a karaoke room in her $10 million beachfront home would have plenty of buddies, but this is ridiculous! As this immaculately organized episode details, Monica Geller's real-world doppelgänger doesn't need a roommate (but has one anyway), shows a knack for real estate and gets by with a lot of help from her Friends.... It's Good to Be Courteney Cox Airs on E!: Dec. 2, 10 p.m.; Dec. 5, 4:30 p.m., 8 p.m.; Dec. 6, 12:30 p.m., 7 p.m.; Dec. 7, 8:30 a.m., 5:30 p.m.

12.2.03 - "November," starring Courteney Cox, will be included in the Sundance Film Festival starting January 15th in Park City, Utah. Courtney Cox Arquette stars in "November" as Sophie Jacobs, a photographer who struggles to cope after her boyfriend is shot to death in a robbery and begins to blur reality and fantasy. Anne Archer, James LeGros and Nora Dunn also star.

12.1.03 - TV Guide Online reports that Lisa Kudrow is exec producing a CBS comedy pilot starring her former Friends co-star Aisha Tyler. The Hollywood Reporter describes the sitcom as "a workplace comedy in the vein of The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

11.21.03 - TV Guide Online reports that Jennifer Aniston has reached a $550,000 settlement with a man she accused of distributing topless pics of her sunbathing in her backyard.

11.4.03 - Danny DeVito will guest star on Friends as an over-the-hill stripper performing at Phoebe's bachelorette party in an episode to air in February entitled "The One Where the Stripper Cries." Emmy Nominee Donny Osmond also guest stars in the episode as himself when Joey (Matt LeBlanc) appears as a celebrity contestant on "Pyramid."

10.22.03 - Cox, Arquette Mix It Up - "I love her on 'reveal' days," confesses David Arquette. He is talking about his wife, Courteney Cox, and her incredible passion for changing people's lives through her design and remodeling expertise. Her love of home decorating forms the framework of the series "Mix It Up," premiering Wednesday, Oct. 22, on WE: Women's Entertainment. Cox created the show and serves as co-executive producer with her husband....

10.22.03 - From TV Guide Online: Rumor has it Friends star Courteney Cox and hubby David Arquette are expecting their first child. David's actor-brother Alexis let the cat out of the bag during a taping of Sharon Osbourne's talk show Monday. (It airs next month.) "We're not commenting," the couple's rep tells USA Today. "When they're pregnant and ready to announce it, they will."

10.21.03 - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have optioned the feature film rights to Mariane Pearl's memoir "A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl," which chronicles the kidnapping and murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter in Pakistan. Pitt and Aniston will produce the movie through their Warner Bros.-based company Plan B Prods.

10.7.03 - Perry Returning to 'The West Wing' - "Friends" star Matthew Perry will reprise his Emmy-nominated guest role on "The West Wing" next month. Perry will return to the White House drama for one episode during November sweeps, again playing Joe Quincy, a Republican lawyer who has a job in the Bartlet administration. He appeared on the show twice last season....

10.6.03 - MSN Access Hollywood: Behind the Scenes of 'Friends' - More than 24 million viewers tuned in to see the season premiere of "Friends." Now, the October 6 issue of Newsweek reveals that as close as Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow are, there have been times when it hasn't been so "friendly...."

9.30.03 - From TV Guide Online: A story in today's New York Post alleges that Friends star Jennifer Aniston's desire to start a family with hubby Brad Pitt led to the hitcom's accelerated production schedule this season. Friends is shooting two episodes a week so that it can wrap up in January. In related news, Newsweek reports that (spoiler alert!) the Rachel-Joey romance will come to an end fairly soon — to Aniston's apparent relief. "I hated it," she says. "Joey's like my brother."

9.29.03 - From TV Guide Online: The 10th (and final) season premiere of Friends beat Survivor in the ratings on Thursday, but NBC's flagship comedy was down a whopping 29 percent year-to-year.

9.25.03 - Jennifer Aniston had some undercover help for her Emmy jitters. People Magazine said Mrs. Pitt confessed she was wearing underwear with her hubby Brad Pitt's picture on it. Brad's away shooting "Troy" in Mexico. No word on whether it was one of the shots of Brad in his gladiator gear.

9.25.03 - MSN Access Hollywood: 'Friends' Final Season - Our favorite 'friends' return on September 25. The hit comedy debuts on NBC's Must-See TV for its 10th and final season. Access Hollywood found out that on the set the tears are already flowing....

9.25.03 - David Schwimmer's company Dark Harbors Prods. is developing a fall 2004 sitcom based on Bruce Cameron's upcoming book How to Remodel a Man. According to Variety, Man will focus on a divorced young man who relies on the women in his life to help him re-examine his relationships.

9.25.03 - TV Guide reports that Friends is hosting a Talk Soup reunion this November. Former Soup stirrer Greg Kinnear will play a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who also happens to be the ex-lover of Ross's gal-pal Charlie (fellow Soup survivor Aisha Tyler).

9.24.03 - If you're a fan of The West Wing, you know you've seen several episodes where the White House staff get together for a little game of poker. That little game may now show up on Bravo, says Variety. Celebrity Poker Showdown has been okayed by NBC for six episodes, airing on Tuesday nights this winter on Bravo. Potential players include many from West Wing including Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, John Spencer, Bradley Whitford, as well as Emily Procter, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. The series will feature five different players in each episode and no limit - the winning player gives the pot to their favorite charity. The last episode will have the winners from each of the five previous eps playing each other in a championship game. Kevin Pollak will host.

9.24.03 - E!Online Fashion Police: Clothes Cause - Good Friend Jennifer Aniston could get away with wearing any old thing, but this time it's a ho-hum vintage Halston V-neck silk cocktail dress. At least she's adorning it with a sparkly diamond bracelet, simple slingbacks, a golden tan and long shiny locks. Hey, this dress (complete with celebrity sweat) is one of those up for auction at Clothes off Our Back). But be warned. Top bid on Sunday night hit two grand. Since when do old clothes cost more than new? Just think what stars could get for their undies!

9.24.03 - E!Online Fashion Police: Perfect Matt-ch - Matt LeBlanc looks how-you-doin' hot in a Zegna navy tux with satin lapels, herringbone mauve shirt and navy herringbone silk tie. And how cool that his outfit coordinates so perfectly with wife Melissa McKnight's burgundy wrap-bodice medieval-style gown. As Joey would say, "Hey, its almost like they planned it!"

Jennifer Aniston and friend by Steve Granitz/
9.22.03 - A picture from the 2003 Emmy Awards -->

9.19.03 - Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Christina Applegate will all be presenters at the Emmys this Sunday.

9.19.03 - From TV Guide Online: Friends star Lisa Kudrow is producing an ABC Family original film Picking Up and Dropping Off. It stars Scott Wolf and Amanda Detmer as single parents who fall in love.

9.18.03 - Jennifer Aniston will auction off the gown that she wears to this Sunday's Emmys ceremony to benefit the Cure Autism Now Foundation and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) and her husband, Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), are spearheading the Clothes Off Our Back fundraiser, and more than 30 other celebs will participate, including Courtney Cox Arquette, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry.

9.15.03 - The Creative Arts Emmys were awarded this past weekend. The creative arts awards recognize more than 60 technical and other achievements for the 2002-03 season, and are a precursor to the main Emmy event later this month. Christina Applegate won an Emmy for her guest role on Friends as Rachel's self-centered sister Amy. The rest of the Emmys will be awarded in a ceremony on September 21st which will air live on FOX.

Christina Applegate by Michel/IPA
9.15.03 - From TV Guide Online Caught in the Act: Christina Applegate looked adorable with her short new 'do as she picked up the Emmy for her guest starring role on Friends.

9.15.03 - OUR PAL JOEY By Frank DeCaro

When Matt LeBlanc first heard they were going to do a Friends spinoff featuring just his character, Joey, the actor says, "I thought we should call it Where the Hell Is Everybody?"

In fact, NBC didn't go with this title — there isn't one yet. Says LeBlanc, "The only thing I know about it is that I'm in it and the network and the studio [Warner Bros. Television] are really behind it." What we do know: Expectations are running high as the show inherits the coveted Friends 8 pm/ET time slot. It will be produced by Friends executive producers Kevin S. Bright, Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan.

The other Friends are supportive of LeBlanc and his upcoming project. "I think everyone is really thrilled for him," says David Schwimmer (Ross). "We love Matt. I love that I'll be able to enjoy him for months, if not years, to come. He is the spin-off character. He's already asked me to direct a few episodes so I'll still work with him, which I'm psyched about."

Adds Friends cocreator-executive producer Marta Kauffman, "I think Matt is wonderful and brilliant and just so damn funny. I would think if anyone could do it, he could." She adds that she isn't doing the spinoff because she needs a break and "I'm not ready to compete with myself."

But LeBlanc realizes going in what he's up against. "I know [the spinoff's] going to get compared to Friends. Is it going to be as good as Friends? Probably not. Friends was a once-in-a-lifetime. I'll do my best to ensure that it's a really good show. But when Friends is over, Friends is over.

"To all of the people out there who are going to compare it to Friends, please don't. Just bear with me."

For more on the end of Friends, pick up this week's issue of TV Guide magazine on newstands.

9.12.03 - TV Guide Online reports that there's more upheaval behind-the-scenes at The Bernie Mac Show. Former Regency TV exec Peter Aronson is replacing Friends alum Michael Borkow as the sitcom's showrunner. Last spring, Borkow replaced series creator Larry Wilmore, who's now calling the shots on Whoopi.

9.8.03 - From TV Guide Online: Friends star Matt LeBlanc is gonna be a daddy! LeBlanc and new wife Melissa are expecting their first child, Jay Leno announced on Thursday's Tonight Show. This would be the first child for Joey's portrayer and the third for Melissa, who has two children from a previous relationship.

9.3.03 - The ACLU is having their annual benefit auction this fall on eBay, and one of the featured items, which goes on the auction block the week of September 24th, is a walk-on part on Friends.

9.2.03 - From TV Guide: Giovanni Ribisi will reprise his role as Phoebe's wacky brother -- and father of the triplets to whom she was a surrogate mom -- in a Friends episode slated for October.

8.29.03 - From TV Guide Online: The Ellen DeGeneres Show launches with a bang on Sept. 8. Jennifer Aniston is the first celeb guest to grace Ellen's couch. Macy Gray will also be on hand to sing something off her new album, The Trouble with Being Myself. The day after that, Ellen does an hour with guest Justin Timberlake. Geez, couldn't she land any names?

8.28.03 - E!Online Fashion Police: Bummed Out - Jennifer Aniston rides the soft shoulder at the St. Jude Runway for Life benefit. She wears a diagonally cut black crepe Gucci gown, a golden tan, straight blond locks and strappy black heels. Sure, it's an elegant Tom Ford design, but for our money, the schmatta is a tad shapeless. We miss seeing the outline of what's been dubbed the best bottom in Hollywood. And no, we're not talking about Brad Pitt.

8.25.03 - TV Guide Online: A Fashionable Friends Night Out - Today's celebs like dressing casual, comfy and kicked back, but they wanna look damn good while they're at it. "This is very true," agreed fashion designer James Perse, who hosted a star-studded opening for his new Melrose Avenue boutique last week in West Hollywood. "It's time to clean up and be relaxed, but not too schlocky. Enough with the cargo pants!..."

8.20.03 - Extra: Runway for Life - From a nervous Jennifer Aniston, to a courageous Calista Flockhart, Tuesday night in Los Angeles, the catwalk looked more like the walk of fame....

8.15.03 - Applegate Returns to 'Friends' - Amy Green is coming back to see her sister Rachel and her "Friends." Christina Applegate will reprise her role as Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) egotistical younger sister in an episode of the long-running NBC sitcom's final season. Amy will be called upon to babysit Rachel's daughter Emma, presumably after Rachel has exhausted all other options....

8.14.03 - Both David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry were in attendance at the opening of the James Perse Store in Los Angeles.

8.14.03 - Ted at E!Online reports that Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette were at the Jack Johnson-Ben Harper show at the Hollywood Bowl with David's sister, Rosanna. The Friends babe was such the cutie-tamootie, in a green tee and jeans, while her couture-challenged hubby donned a pair of tie-dyed M.C. Hammer-style pants. Now that's love, 'cause you'd think she'd start picking out his wardrobe. Nonetheless, the threesome was all about self-service, jumping up throughout the show to get their own food and beer. Preferring to be waited on was fellow screen-bud...

David Schwimmer, scarfing down the scrumptious Indian eats at Surya. Third Street and Fairfax. Joined by his scrumpelicious g-f, Carla Alapont, D.S. was dressed actor-down in jeans, with a baseball cap on his head. Incredibly sweet and polite to the owners, Dave-doll was hardly in the mood for the fan thang when a teenage girl approached his table mid meal. Without lifting his eyes from his tandoori, Mr. S. scribbled his name and pushed the autograph back. Fame--so biting.

8.3.03 - In an exclusive interview in the August 8th issue of Entertainment Weekly, Matt LeBlanc talks about his spin-off.

7.30.03 - The supersized season premiere of Friends will air on Thursday, September 25th, at 8pm ET.

7.29.03 - I just spent a few hours updating the Buy Stuff page. It now has a very complete and comprehensive collection of all the DVD, CD, and VHS Friends stuff out there, including all the complete season up through season 4, both soundtracks, and two different Best Of collections (one by volume, one by season). Enjoy!

7.29.03 - TV Gal Willing to Give 'Joey' a Chance - I love the whole concept of a spin-off. Can you imagine if this option were available in real life? One day you would turn to your loved ones and say, "I'm moving to a new city where I'm instantly going to have a brand new job, new friends and, perhaps, a whole new family. Don't worry; I'll definitely visit during sweeps...."

7.25.03 - TV Guide Online: Courteney Cox on Ending Friends - Season Ten of Friends will end the sitcom's perennial reign over NBC's "Must-See" Thursdays. Could this show be any more beloved by couch potatoes? And for 39-year-old actress Courteney Cox, it's hard to believe the biggest gig of her career is almost over!...

7.25.03 - TV Guide Online: Joey's All the Rage at NBC Press Tour - NBC kicked off its portion of the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday by announcing that it had struck a deal with Matt LeBlanc to star in Joey, a Friends spinoff centered around TV's most lovable dimwit....

7.24.03 - It's official: NBC announced at today's Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Hollywood that it has signed a deal with Matt LeBlanc to headline a Friends spinoff, to debut in September 2004. Joey will likely take over the Thursday/8 pm timeslot soon to be vacated by Friends. LeBlanc's lucrative new pact also includes a two-picture movie deal with Warner Bros., the studio behind Friends and its spinoff.

7.21.03 - From TV Guide Online: It's looking increasingly like Matt LeBlanc will be there for us well past Friends's swan song in May 2004. According to The Hollywood Reporter, LeBlanc is nearing a deal to headline a spinoff built around his Joey Tribbiani character. Friends exec producers Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan would likely pen the pilot script and serve as showrunners. Rumor has it, the spinoff would find Joey moving to Hollywood to pursue his acting career.

7.17.03 - Friends got 11 Emmy nominations this morning, including Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series ("The One in Barbados"), Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series ("The One in Barbados"), Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series ("The One in Barbados" and "The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song"), and Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series or Special ("The One in Barbados"). Matt LeBlanc was nominated as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Jennifer Aniston was nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Hank Azaria was nominated as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Christina Applegate was nominated as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. And Friends was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. The Emmy Awards will be presented live on Fox from the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, September 21st.

7.17.03 - Ted at E!Online reports that Matthew Perry was seen at Wimbledon, getting mobbed by fans in the corporate corral. Looking cool 'n' tan in light-colored khakis, M.P. was hardly impressed with the frenzy. When a woman asked him to sign an autograph, he quipped, "Yeah, for you and the rest of the world."

7.9.03 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Has Courteney Cox's fashion sense finally rubbed off on hubby David Arquette? The pair was dressed to thrill at the Television Critics Association Press Tour.

7.8.03 - Hancock Joins Schwimmer Shingle - NBC development vet Larry Hancock has come onboard as head of David Schwimmer's Dark Harbor Productions, which signed a deal with NBC Studios this April....

6.27.03 - Ted Casablanca at E!Online reports that Jennifer Aniston was spotted doing the margarita thang at her fave diet-busting spot, Marix. WeHo. Sans hubba-hubby Brad--he's still sporting the loincloth on set.--J.A. was comfy in shorts and flip-flops. (So beachy, love it!) Joined by some pals for an early din-din on this Monday night, Jen-babe was looking über-relaxed. Ah, wouldn't you after sunning thigh-side with B.P.?

6.20.03 - Jennifer Aniston was given the #1 spot on Forbes's Top 100 Celebrity List. She earned $35 million in 2002 and was plastered on more magazine covers than any other celeb.

6.18.03 - Friends has received five Teen Choice Award nominations. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were both nomintated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, Matt LeBlanc was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Aisha Tyler was nominated as Breakout Female TV Star, and Friends itself was nominated for Best Comedy Series. The awards are scheduled to air Wednesday, Aug. 6 on FOX. Teens can vote on several categories at (a subscription is required).

6.11.03 - The Times of India: Jennifer furious over divorce rumours - Rumours about her marriage with Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt being shaky have been infuriating Jennifer Aniston....

6.9.03 - Recliners designed by the cast of Friends fetched a total of $125,000 on eBay. Proceeds from the auctions -- which ended on May 22 -- benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

6.2.03 - TV Guide gives CHEERS to sealing the season with a kiss. The finale of NBC's Friends wasn't so much a cliff-hanger as a consummation. Finally, Joey and Rachel locked lips after weeks of will-they or won't-they games. We used to think we'd never want anyone for Rachel but Ross. We were wrong.

5.21.03 - From TV Guide Online: Thursday's Friends season finale ranked as last week's top-rated show. The 70-minute episode attracted 25.5 million viewers its largest audience since Jan. 30 and helped the Peacock score a narrow victory over American Idol-fueled Fox among adults 18-49.

5.19.03 - See pictures of Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of her new movie with Jim Carrey, "Bruce Almighty." Jennifer Aniston was all smiles at the premiere. Mrs. Pitt-Aniston at work. Jennifer Aniston was surrounded by red carpet security.

5.16.03 - From TV Guide Online: At last! In Thursday night's sublime Friends season finale, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) kissed longtime crush Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)! Plus, Ross (David Schwimmer) hooked up with fellow paleontologist Charlie (Aisha Tyler), and, rather than accept a marriage proposal from David (Hank Azaria), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) reunited with ex-boyfriend Mike (Paul Rudd). But, although love was in the air, our favorite part was still watching ultracompetitive Monica (the underrated, if not underpaid, Courteney Cox) engage in a heated ping-pong match with Mike. And her out-of-control mane had me laughing so hard I snorted Snapple all over my shag carpet.

5.13.03 - 'Friends' Super-Sizes Ad Rates for Finale - NBC is paying a reported $10 million per episode for the final season of "Friends." The show will produce 18 episodes in 2003-04 for a total tab of $180 million. If the network gets what it wants in ad rates for the finale, however, it could pay for about 70 percent of the season in just that one night....

5.13.03 - From TV Guide Online: NBC is reportedly looking to get Super Bowl-sized ad rates for the two-hour finale of Friends next May. For a 30-second spot, advertisers will have to shell out roughly $2 million. A 30-second Friends commercial typically goes for $450,000.

5.12.03 - Not that it's any surprise, but NBC announced their fall line-up today, and Friends will be keeping its Thursday, 8pm time slot for next season. The 10th season will only be 18 episodes instead of the usual 22.

5.5.03 - From TV Guide Online: Rachel should have made out with Joey while she had the chance. Friends star Matt LeBlanc married his longtime fiancee Melissa McKnight Saturday on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. According to Extra, all of LeBlanc's Friends were in attendance with the apparent exception of Matthew Perry. Also suspiciously MIA: a certain actor/chimpanzee/third baseman named Ed.

5.2.03 - Jennifer Aniston has been named of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine.

5.2.03 - Alias's Jennifer Garner is replacing Gwyneth Paltrow in the upcoming indie flick Happy Endings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paltrow is seeking time off to grieve the loss of her father, producer/director Bruce Paltrow, who died last October while she was shooting Ted and Sylvia. Lisa Kudrow will also star in the comedy which is set to shoot this summer in Los Angeles.

5.1.03 - TV Guide Online: Phoebe's Beau Embraced By Friends - When Paul Rudd joined Friends as Mike, Phoebe Buffay's beau du jour, his stint was only supposed to last a few episodes. After all, Phoebe had never coupled up long-term before, unlike gal pals Rachel and Monica. Why has the show kept this Mike dude around so long?...

4.25.03 - Rumors are swirling that Friends star Courteney Cox, 38, is expecting her first child with hubby David Arquette, 31. The New York Daily News reports that the actress could already be three months along.

4.25.03 - MSN Entertainment: Tyler Mixes Things Up in 'Friends' Role - Comic plays love interest on show with few nonwhite faces....

4.23.03 - TV Guide Online: Perry Mulls West Wing Return - Does Matthew Perry have a future in politics? The Friends actor, who kicks off his two-episode stint on The West Wing this evening (9 pm/ET), admits he'd be open to another term in NBC's faux White House. "We haven't really talked about it, but I had a really great experience doing the show," he tells TV Guide Online. "So, we'll have to see...."

4.21.03 - 'Friends' Stars Design for Chair-ity - The stars of friends aren't so much resting on their laurels as they are reclining on them. Each of the show's stars -- Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer -- has designed a La-Z-Boy chair which will be auctioned on eBay with the proceeds going to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation....

4.21.03 - TV Guide Online: Friends Star's Running Joke - TV aficionados best know Adam Goldberg as Eddie, Chandler's roomie for three episodes in Season Two of Friends. Moviegoers most often know him from Saving Private Ryan and Dazed and Confused. But he's nowhere near as famous as NBC's charmed sitcom sextet – and he likes it that way....

4.18.03 - Access Hollywood: Three's Company: Brad & Jennifer's Date - Mike Myers and Muhammad Ali joined forces for the the Project A.L.S. Gala on April 14, but it was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston who had the media working in overdrive at the special event. Brad arrived with wife Jennifer and her Friends co-star Courteney Cox-Arquette in Beverly Hills at the "Friends Finding a Cure" gala benefiting A.L.S....

4.16.03 - From TV Guide Online: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are mixing business with pleasure. The happy couple are in talks to produce a dark comedy together, with Aniston reportedly attached to star. The Friends Emmy winner would play a politician's wife who's confronted by the 10-year-old son she gave up for adoption.

4.14.03 - TV Guide Online: West Wing Rocked by Chandlergate! - Matthew Perry will never forget where he was when war in Iraq broke out. "I was sitting in a replica of the Oval Office," marvels the Friends cut-up, who was taping his two-episode West Wing stint (airing April 23 and 30) at the time. "It was very surreal. Things got very quiet and tense, and it [became] difficult to work...."

4.11.03 - Courtney Cox and David Arquette were caught by the E!Online Fashion Police at the Human Spirit Awards in Los Angeles.

4.10.03 - NBC has signed David Schwimmer to a two year exclusive development deal giving Schwimmer an opportunity to direct, produce and develop.

3.27.03 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Friendly Fire: Courteney Cox joined hubby David Arquette and his sister Patricia at the Wellness Community of West Los Angeles Human Spirit Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif.

3.18.03 - Courteney Cox Arquette has signed on to star in the psychological drama "November." She'll play a shutterbug struggling to put the tragic circumstances of her boyfriend's death behind her.

3.14.03 - Matthew Perry will guest star on two episodes of The West Wing to air April 23 and 30. He'll play a Republican lawyer looking for a job in the White House.

3.12.03 - reports that several real stars of NBC's soap opera "Days of Our Lives" will make an appearance on "Friends" next month with their fake co-star, Joey Tribbiani. For more info, see the previews page.

3.8.03 - From the Internet Movie Database: Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has turned down the chance to play opposite his wife Jennifer Aniston in Friends for a second time - for artistic reasons. The Fight Club star appeared in an episode of the hit comedy series where he played an old school friend of David Schwimmer's character Ross Gellar with a hatred for Aniston's Rachel Green. After a rave reception from the show's fans, the cameo earned Pitt an Emmy nomination, but he is still not interested in repeating the experience. He says, "You can do these things once. Then that's it. Doing it again just wouldn't have the same impact." And a source adds, "Brad diplomatically explained to Jen he saw himself as a serious actor." (Note from TK: take things from the IMDB with a grain of salt. I find their news to be only a little better than supermarket tabloids.)

3.3.03 - Take That, Monica! Kapow, Chandler! - On a coming episode of the television show "Friends," here's what might happen. Ross arrives and starts to whine. Suddenly an armor-clad warrior rushes in and with a blast from a space-age weapon reduces Ross to a pile of twitching viscera. But the show must go on, so Ross pulls himself together and rises to complete his sniveling soliloquy. Just as he finishes, he is slaughtered again. Call this episode "The One Where Ross Is Repeatedly Annihilated by a Plasma Rifle...."

2.24.03 - Former Talk Soup host Aisha Tyler will guest in a multi-episode story arc beginning April 24th. For more info on her role, see the previews page.

2.22.03 - From TV Guide: When Friends star Courteney Cox Arquette moved in with husband David Arquette, there was a slight problem: how to mix her shabby-chic style with his action figures, leopard prints and bizarre "lady-in-bondage table." The answer: "I changed my style," she says. "David brought a lot of color to my life." The tussle over taste inspired her to create Mix It Up for WE: Women's Entertainment, a new fall show where decorators serve as peacemakers for cohabitants with clashing color schemes. "You can mix a lot of styles," Cox Arquette says. "I did." As for the Friends finale next year: "It's a very sad thing about the show ending at all. We just weren't quite ready. I love it."

2.20.03 - TV Guide Online: Friends Star Turns Designing Woman - Everywhere we look, celebs are moonlighting as interior designers. Oprah is making over fans' homes. MTV is Crashing Cribs. Add to this trend Friends star Courteney Cox Arquette, 38, who created Mix It Up, debuting this fall on WE: Women's Entertainment....

1.28.03 - Matt Le Blanc received a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series, and Jennifer Aniston received a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series. The cast of Friends was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The Screen Actors Guild Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 9, 2003 from the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center and televised live nationally on TNT (Turner Network Television) at 8 PM (ET/PT), 7 PM (Central), 6 PM (Mountain).

1.28.03 - WE: Women's Entertainment has picked up a new show for Fall 2003 called Mix It Up, a show that begins with two people moving in together (newlyweds, parent/child, lovers, friends, roommates) and add to that two designers attempting to help each person blend their sense of style and taste with their new live-in friend. The show will be exec produced by Courtney Cox, who will also take a Design Consultant title.

1.22.03 - TV Guide Online: Are Selma Blair and Matt Perry in Love? - Potty-mouthed actress Selma Blairb who currently co-stars in A Guy Thingb has an announcement to make. "I've turned over a new leaf, boys and girls," she grins. "I no longer swear. I put an end to that. After A Guy Thing, I read in The National Enquirer that I made everyone [on the set] upset with my longshoreman behavior, and that really saddened me. So I haven't sworn since!..."

1.21.03 - TV Guide Online: Friends Stars Trapped in Golden Globes Blackout! - Champagne flowed freely at InStyle's post-Golden Globes afterparty – but that's not the only reason Party Boy had a case of the giggles all night. Oh, things started off normally enough in the Beverly Hilton's Palm Court... Here, Six Feet Under's Rachel Griffiths chatted with fans of her sexaholic Brenda. There, slinky Sex and the City winner Kim Cattrall had trouble walking in her tight, rosy vintage Valentino gown. Then, something odd happened – the lights went out!...

1.19.03 - Jennifer Aniston won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy.

1.17.03 - NBC Exec Eats Cow Eye for 'Friends' - NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker is a man of his word. One who stands behind the programs on his network. So much so, that on Friday (Jan. 7) morning he held true to a pledge he made on camera to "Access Hollywood's" Nancy O'Dell two months ago that if it meant that he could have "Friends" back for one more year he would gladly eat anything that the culinary stunt creators over at "Fear Factor" threw his way....

1.17.03 - At the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Hollywood, Peacock president Jeff Zucker confirmed that Friends' upcoming 10th season will definitely be its last. "The door is not open after that," he said.

1.15.03 - E!Online: Limpin' Ain't Easy. Jennifer Aniston hobbles down the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards in Pasadena. Her unbuttoned black shirt, black trousers and diamond choker keep the attention off her injured foot. Plus, she can always use that cane to whack anybody who makes a crack about "breaking a leg."

1.14.03 - From TV Guide Online: Alright, here's the scoop on why Jennifer Aniston was sporting a cane at Sunday's People's Choice Awards. Apparently, the Friends star broke a toe on her right foot when she collided with a piece of furniture. Ouch!

1.13.03 - Friends picked up two People's Choice Awards, one for Favorite Television Comedy Series, and one for Jennifer Aniston for Favorite Female Television Performer.

1.10.03 - Courteney Cox Arquette, along with hubby David, are two of several celebs featured in Coca-Cola's new "Real" campaign. The first spot, featuring Mya and hip-hop star Common, airs Monday during the American Music Awards.

12.23.02 - O'Donnell, Aniston Win Tabloid Awards - While former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, are the king of queen of the first ever Tabloid Choice Awards, a few TV personalities are represented as well. Retired talk show host and comedian Rosie O'Donnell came in fifth as "the star who could fit Lara Flynn Boyle and Debra Messing in her sweatpants ... and enjoy it," while "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston and "Ally McBeal's" Calista Flockhart both received honorable mentions....

12.22.02 - Yahoo: NBC's Friendship Extended - "We'll be there for you." That's the tune sung by the Friends folks this weekend as NBC announced a deal that would bring America's favorite sitcom back for another year. An agreement signed early Saturday morning between NBC and the show's producer, Warner Bros. Television, will bring the Central Perk crew back for a 10th and presumably final season....

12.21.02 - 'Friends' 'Til the End ... of 2003-04 Season - It seems that NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker's refusal to call this the last season of "Friends" wasn't a form of denial after all. On Saturday (Dec. 21), a network spokesperson confirmed that an agreement has been reached and "Friends" will return for the 2003-04 season....

12.21.02 - End of 'Friends' May Not Be Nigh - It seems that NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker's refusal to call this the last season of "Friends" wasn't a form of denial after all. As of Friday night (Dec. 20), the peacock network is close to closing a deal that would bring back the hit comedy for a 10th season, reports The New York Times....

12.19.02 - Friends has received three Golden Globe Award nominations: Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy, Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy (for Jennifer Aniston), and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy (for Matt LeBlanc). The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be aired live on NBC on Sunday, January 20th.

12.14.02 - FRIENDS FOREVER: Courteney Cox Arquette puts the squeeze on Friends costar Lisa Kudrow at the Imagine Awards gala in Beverly Hills at which Kudrow was honored for her work with L.A. inner-city kids. (warning: you may need to sign in to with an AOL or AIM screen name to view this photo)

12.12.02 - To Be Continued? - Hold the latte! Families and futures tempt them, but the Friends cast may renew their lease on prime-time's penthouse.... (warning: you may need to sign in to with an AOL or AIM screen name to view this article)

12.4.02 - Friends received 3 People's Choice Award nominations: one for Matt LeBlanc for Favorite Male Television Performer, one for Jennifer Aniston for Favorite Feale Television Performer, and one for Favorite Television Comedy Series. The awards will be presented on January 12th, 2003, and aired on CBS.

12.1.02 - Cox Drops the Arquette - Courteney Cox doesn't want to be an Arquette anymore. At least, not professionally. After she married actor David Arquette in 1999, she became Cox Arquette, but the 38-year-old actress now tells InStyle magazine that she's decided to stick to her maiden name for her screen credits, in tribute to her father who died of cancer last year....

11.18.02 - Christina Applegate Joins 'Friends' For Thanksgiving - Christina Applegate has appeared before a TV studio audience in the neighborhood of 300 times over the past 15 years. Yet when she did a guest role on an episode of "Friends" recently, she felt something new. "I found myself incredibly nervous on show night, which I never was before," Applegate recalls of the episode, which airs Thursday (Nov. 21). "I was petrified;I couldn't believe it. I was laughing at myself -- 'Why are you so freaked out?' " She chalks it up to being "the new kid" joining the tight-knit cast...

11.14.02 - TV Guide Online: Christina Applegate: No Friend of Rachel - On Nov. 21, Christina Applegate will drop by Friends as Rachel's snarky sister, Amy. Is this a recurring role? "Who knows?" she teases TV Guide Online. "We kind of talked about it, and [my role is] not recurring, but maybe [I'll guest star] one other time. The show is at its end now, so I don't think I have too many more opportunities...." 10.29.02 - Fox will release indie hit "The Good Girl," starring Jennifer Aniston, on DVD on January 7th.

10.28.02 - Matthew Perry is in final talks to co-star with his real-life dad, actor John Bennett Perry, in the father-son drama "The Beginning of Wisdom." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Perry would shoot the film in the spring, after he wraps his ninth -- and likely final -- season of Friends.

10.24.02 - TV Guide Online: Cloris vs. Mary: The Emmy Race! - Cloris Leachman doesn't KNOW Friends, but she likes it...

10.23.02 - TV Guide Online: Matt LeBlanc's Gay Friendly Message - As a secret agent in All the Queen's Men – opening Friday – Matt LeBlanc dresses in drag for a spy mission. Just in time for Halloween! But it's tough to tell which costumes were more uncomfortable: His frumpy frocks or those stiff military uniforms? "When we shot the film, it was really hot in Hungary," he tells TV Guide Online. "It was like 100 degrees, so it was pretty warm and itchy in those wool outfits. But it wasn't so bad. The bra and heels were probably the worst...."

10.23.02 - From TV Guide Online: CSI has once again surpassed Friends as TV's most popular show. Drawing more than 30 million viewers, CBS's crime drama ranked as last week's No. 1 program and helped the Eye Network win the Nielsen derby for the fourth straight week. NBC, which had the week's No. 2 and No. 3 shows in Friends and ER, finished a narrow second with 12.3 million viewers. Still, the Peacock remained the top destination for adults 18-49. Among freshman series, CSI: Miami fared the best at No. 9.

10.19.02 - In the October 19th issue of TV Guide, there is an article on TV's richest stars that explores some of the money issues behind Friends: The top-rated show is NBC's Friends, which, at eight o'clock, anchors the network's Thursday-night lineup. The six Friends recently won a compensation package that includes proceeds from future syndication sales, as well as $1 million per episode – an anticipated $24 million apiece. That's almost 10 times more than they were paid just three years ago. Are they worth it?

Let's count the ways. Thursday night is widely believed to be the most important night on television. "That's the night movie and car companies want to advertise," Fried explains, "because they want to attract people's attention before the weekend. And packaged-goods companies prefer to advertise on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for similar reasons."

Three of the Friends (Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc) rank among the most popular 10 men and 10 women on all of prime time, as surveyed by rating service Marketing Evaluations/The Q Scores Company. (Q ratings tend to be a good indicator of audience and advertiser appeal, since shows and stars with high Q ratings tend to draw repeat viewers who are more likely to try products advertised.) Not surprisingly, the show brought in an impressive $115 million in advertising during the first half of 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus (which means it substantially outperformed that other longtime NBC hit, Frasier, which logged just over $50 million in ad sales during the same period).

The only perceived knock against Friends is its inability to successfully launch a next-generation megahit in the 8:30 time slot that follows. (Scrubs, a rookie success on Tuesday nights last season, may finally break the curse.) But this drawback was scarcely enough to convince NBC to turn down the stars' request for a 25 percent increase from their last raise, given to them back in 2000. After all, several cast members were so interested in their film careers that they were willing to walk away, which made their bargaining position stronger.

10.17.02 - TV Guide Online: A Friends Spin-Off for Matt LeBlanc? - Die-hard Friends fans are aching to know: Is this really the final season? NBC Entertainment president Jeff Zucker has hinted he's willing to make the sitcom's sextet, who already earn $24 million a year, even richer if they'll stay longer. In an exclusive interview with TV Guide Online, hottie Matt LeBlanc gives us his very candid take. Joey's portrayer also dishes his short-lived triangle with Ross and Rachel, those spin-off rumors, and his own new movie and wedding plans. Fasten your seatbelts, kids....

10.15.02 - Christina Applegate (Married... With Children and Jesse) will make a guest appearance on Friends in November. For more info on her role, see the previews page.

10.14.02 - LeBlanc Prepares for End of 'Friends' - Despite recent coy remarks made to the press by some cast members that just maybe this won't be the last season of NBC's hit comedy "Friends," actor Matt LeBlanc says this is indeed it. "I had a lot of laughs every day there, and it's a group of people who have become good friends and they all good things must come to an end, and it looks like this will be the end," LeBlanc tells Zap2it. "I think everyone's decided that this would be it, it's over...."

10.14.02 - Jennifer Aniston was #15 on TV Guide's list of the 50 Sexiest Stars of All Time. Being Jennifer Aniston seems so easy. She can just throw on a pair of frayed jeans and a T-shirt and still look like a zillion dollars (roughly her current salary). Her famous haircut launched a million makeovers, but as her Friends costar Lisa Kudrow once said of Aniston's desperate imitators, "They can cut [their hair], but they still won't be her." Best of all, Rachel Green, the character Aniston has played since 1994, gives men hope: If a dork like Ross (David Schwimmer) can win her, perhaps they can, too.

10.14.02 - The October 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly lists the 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment: 50.5 from the talent and 50.5 from the executives. Jennifer Aniston is #32 in the talent section. Age 33. In an ensemble show, she steadily emerged as the foremost of the female Friends: Witness her spanking-new best-comedy-actress Emmy. And presuming this is Friends' final season, her fledgling big-screen career got a lift from good-to-great reviews for The Good Girl, a prestige booster that may well put her on awards shortlists and firmly relaunches her as a star with emotional range. Presently filming Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey. And on top of it all, she is one half of Hollywood's current highest-wattage couple.

10.11.02 - From the October 5th issue of TV Guide: It's not easy pretending to be pregnant on TV. First a mold of your real belly has to be cast, then you have to strap on a big ol' fake belly that gets bigger as time goes on. Special-effects makeup artist Todd Tucker created Jennifer Aniston's stomach for Rachel's pregnancy on Friends. Now he's at it again with Holly Marie Combs of WB's Charmed, whose character will start showing in January. But why can't he just recycle Aniston's stomach? "I don't think Jennifer's belly would fit me," Combs says with a laugh. "She's a tiny, tiny little thing." And Combs isn't?

10.4.02 - Jennifer Aniston is in talks to play Ben Stiller's mistress in an untitled Universal comedy. Will & Grace's Debra Messing co-stars as Stiller's wife.

10.3.02 - Lisa Kudrow is in talks to join the cast of "Wonderland," a movie starring Val Kilmer as the late porn king John Holmes.

10.2.02 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Fan's Best Friend: David Schwimmer signed autographs outside New York's Ed Sullivan Theatre where The Late Show with David Letterman is taped.

10.2.02 - Jennifer Aniston was named actress of the year at the sixth annual Hollywood Film Festival.

9.30.02 - From TV Guide Online: IT'S NOT CHEAP: Friends has overtaken Survivor as TV's priciest show for Madison Ave. A 30-second commercial on NBC's Emmy-winning comedy costs $455,700, according to Advertising Age. ER is second with $438,514 a spot, followed by Survivor, which slips from first to third with $445,000.

9.27.02 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Courteney Cox Arquette joined hubby David Arquette last night at the opening of his new film The Grey Zone. Let's hope that they remembered to set their VCR for the season premiere of Friends.

9.27.02 - Access Hollywood reports that Freddie Prinze Jr. will guest star on Friends later this fall. For more info on his role, see the previews page.

9.27.02 - From TV Guide Online: AND THE WINNER IS...: Round four of the Friends/Survivor face-off got underway last night, and not surprisingly, America was there for NBC's Emmy-winning sitcom. According to preliminary Nielsen data, the ninth (and supposedly final) season premiere of Friends easily beat the debut of Survivor: Thailand (21.7 rating vs. 12.5 rating).

9.26.02 - From TV Guide Online: Friends may be there for us one more year after all. According to Variety, the buzz in Hollywood is that the Emmy-winning sitcom -- which kicks off its ninth season tonight (8 pm/ET) -- could very well see a 10th year. "It's going to come back," one major network exec was quoted as saying. "When push comes to shove, there's going to be too much money involved for everybody to walk away now... NBC's going to milk this being the final season for all it's worth, and lo and behold, it will be renewed for another year." Another high-placed insider says that the show's big Emmy win Sunday only increases the odds that the sextet will agree to return next fall. "The Emmy validates what they're doing," says the source. "The cast all realizes what a great gig this is. They work three and a half days a week, they're working with their best friends, and they're making an ungodly amount of money. As long as the stories are rich and funny, why not come back?" (Because they want to go out on top, silly.)

9.24.02 - Jennifer Aniston was named #15 of the 50 Sexiest Stars of All Time in the September 28th issue of TV Guide.

9.23.02 - At the Emmys last night, Jennifer Aniston won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy series and Friends won for Outstanding Comedy Series.

9.23.02 - David Schwimmer will be on The Late Show with David Letterman the night of Tuesday, October 1st.

9.23.02 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Emmy Awards 2002 - Don't miss Jennifer Aniston. Click on small image for full picture.

9.18.02 - Sutherland, Boreanaz and LeBlanc Lead Zap2it's Battle - Zap2it's second annual Battle of the Network Stars got off to a rollicking start this fall with Round One drawing to a close on Wednesday (Sept. 18) and several contenders getting off to a strong start while others were left in the dust. Over 17,000 votes put "24's" Kiefer Sutherland (4012 votes), "Angel's" David Boreanaz (3873) and "Friends" Matt LeBlanc (3772) in the lead, pulling ahead of last year's early front-runners Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Jessica Parker, who also performed well with 3710 and 3094 votes respectively....

9.16.02 - All six of the Friends will be presenters at the 54th annual Primetime Emmy Awards airing on NBC at 8pm ET on September 22nd.

8.30.02 - From TV Guide Online: Matthew Perry confesses in the current issue of People that he is an alcoholic. "I've been through a dark time," laments the Emmy nominee, who got hooked on the painkiller Vicodin after injuring himself in a jet ski accident. He says he was downing 20 to 30 pills a day and drinking "probably a quart of vodka" daily. Now, after more than two months in rehab, he says he "learned that a happy life is possible without alcohol or drugs."

8.27.02 - From TV Guide Online: ABC has given the go-ahead for a two-hour TV movie prequel to the woefully underrated 1997 feature Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Variety reports. Titled Romy and Michele: Behind the Velvet Rope, the pic follows the best friends as they head to Hollywood after graduating from high school. It's not known whether Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow -- who starred in the original film -- will reprise their roles for the prequel.

8.23.02 - From TV Guide Online: Former Vice President Dan Quayle is dragging out the old family values again. Known for harping on Murphy Brown's single mom status, he recently told Travel and Leisure Golf magazine that he also has a bone to pick with Friends. "I don't think that should be portrayed on television as a good thing," he said regarding Jennifer Aniston's Rachel having a baby out of wedlock. "It's tough on the mother and it's tough on the child -- the chance of that child ending up in poverty is quite high." And we thought the biggest Friends dilemma was if Rachel would pick Ross or Joey.

8.22.02 - From TV Guide Online: Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans still upset about the show's detour into darkness last season aren't alone. Family-friendly watchdog group Parents Television Council has named the UPN drama the worst show in primetime for its graphic violence, sex, and occult themes. CSI and Friends were also cited among the top 10 worst offenders, with Jennifer Aniston's Rachel character dubbed a bad role model for being an unmarried mother. What year is it people? 1982?

8.16.02 - From TV Guide Online: Add Lisa Kudrow to the growing list of Friends stars hinting that next season may not be the show's last after all. On Sunday's season premiere of Oxygen's Conversations From the Edge, Kudrow tells host Carrie Fisher that she doesn't know whether this will be the final season of Friends. "You know, now I hope not," Kudrow said. "Which means it probably will be the last year... You know, we all get along, and we still have fun and the writers are still working really hard and they do good stories. You look around and you see that a lot of reasons shows finish is [that] the ratings are really bad. We were No. 1 for the first time ever in our eighth season." Note to Jeff Zucker: Reserve that Brinks truck now!

8.13.02 - TV Guide Online: Sara Sex Change: What's in a Name? - A million times over, the old adage has been proven true: Sex sells. But despite the fact that Mandalay Entertainment's long-on-the-shelf Serving Sara (opening Aug. 23) probably needs all the help it can get, studio founder and chairman Peter Guber decided against using the world's most surefire marketing tool to turn on movie-goers to the Matthew Perry/Elizabeth Hurley flick: He signed off on a title change from the more titillating Servicing Sara...

8.12.02 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Can he really be the Object of Jennifer Aniston's Affection? Brad Pitt – looking scruffier than ever – escorted his adoring wife to the premiere of her new movie, The Good Girl in Los Angeles.

8.9.02 - TV Guide Online: Matthew Perry: No Friends Forever - Jennifer Aniston isn't the only member of Friends's coffee-guzzling sextet keeping alive the possibility of a 10th season....

8.8.02 - TV Guide Online: Jennifer Aniston: Films or Friends - Poor Jennifer Aniston. She's doing a round of interviews to promote her starring role in the new film The Good Girl, but the only thing reporters want to talk about is her TV show, Friends. She could hardly blame us, though....

8.7.02 - TV Guide Online: Jennifer Aniston's burgeoning movie career is interfering with her day job on Friends. The Emmy nominee, who's winning raves for her performance as a miserable discount store employee in The Good Girl, was slated to direct the sixth episode of her hit NBC sitcom this season. However, scheduling conflicts with her next film, the spiritual comedy Bruce Almighty, in which she plays Jim Carrey's girlfriend have derailed those plans. "I'm no longer [doing it]," she tells TV Guide Online. "We may try to push it toward the end of the season, but I don't know if it'll make sense then." A Friends rep says it's "too early to tell" whether Aniston will get another shot behind the camera in the spring.

8.5.02 - 'Buffy' and 'Friends' Win Teen Choice Awards - "Friends" is still the favorite among teen voters, winning Choice TV Comedy for the fourth consecutive time. It is the only four-time winner in the history of the admittedly young awards show. Choice TV Actor winner Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry were on hand to accept the award for the show....

8.2.02 - Jennifer Aniston has been cast opposite Jim Carrey in the spiritual comedy "Bruce Almighty." She'll play the girlfriend of Carrey's character, who is given the opportunity to run the universe for a day. Morgan Freeman is in final talks to play God.

7.25.02 - TV Guide Online: The Friends Triangle: Who Gets Rachel? - Sorry, all you die-hard "Must See TV" fans. NBC entertainment president Jeff Zucker plainly considers himself the No. 1 Friends fan....

7.24.02 - TV Guide Online: Reality is setting in at NBC when it comes to the future of Friends. At the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., on Monday, the network's entertainment president Jeff Zucker all but confirmed that Must-See TV as we know it is about to come to an end. "I would say in all candor that it's probably the final season of Friends," he said. "And I'd be surprised if it weren't. But I wouldn't 100 percent put the nails in the coffin yet." However, later in the day, the show's producers seemed to do just that. "We are approaching this season like it is our last," said Marta Kauffman. Added partner David Crane: "If this were not going to be our last season, we'd have to know that right now. Everything is planning toward that... it's not something that can be a last minute decision."

7.23.02 - Friends will have its season premiere on Thursday, September 26th.

7.22.02 - Jennifer Aniston will be a guest voice on FOX's King of the Hill in the upcoming season.

7.18.02 - Friends was nominated for eleven Emmy Awards: Jennifer Aniston for Oustanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Brad Pitt for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series ("The One With the Rumor"), Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series ("The One Where Rachel Has a Baby"), Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series ("The One With the Rumor"), Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series ("The One With the Rumor" and "The One With the Halloween Party"), and Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series or Special ("The One Where Rachel Has a Baby"). The Emmy Awards will air live on NBC on September 22nd, 2002.

7.6.02 - The July 6th issue of TV Guide reports on Matthew Perry's busy love life. His Friends character, Chandler Bing, had a lot to contend with before settling down with Monica, such as speculation about his sexuality and girlfriend-from-hell Janice. But Matthew Perry, 32, has had an easier time landing the ladies. The actor escorted Lauren Graham, 35, to the premiere of "Panic Room" in March; was spotted cuddling with actress and former George Clooney flame Krista Allen, 30, in May; and dined with "Austin Powers" babe Heather Graham, 32, about a week later. All this was before Perry and Jennifer Capriati, 26, traveled to Paris for the French Open. "They arrived hand in hand," said a source at the Hotel Monceau. "They look very much like a couple." When asked by Entertainment Tonight if the two were dating, Perry, himself a former junior singles champ, replied, "Let's just say I am playing a lot of tennis right now." Love match!

6.25.02 - Jennifer Aniston, who is suing two magazines for publishing photos of her sunbathing topless, will have her day in court next week, although it will be sans a jury. U.S. District Judge Ronald Lew said he would conduct a court trial and render a verdict himself because Aniston's lawyers failed to demand a jury when the lawsuit was filed in 2000. The 33-year-old actress is expected to testify at the trial, which gets underway July 2 in Los Angeles.

6.25.02 - Production on "The Whole Nine Yards 2," starring Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, Amanda Peet, and Natasha henstridge, will begin on October 4th in Los Angeles.

6.7.02 - Infobeat: Perry and Graham's Dates Heat Up - Friends star Matthew Perry is been keeping his romantic options open - he's been going on dates with sexy actress Heather Graham....

6.5.02 - Trial Date Set for Aniston's Photo Lawsuit - An August 2000 lawsuit filed by Jennifer Aniston against a pair of magazine publishers who ran a photo of her sunbathing topless in her back yard will proceed...

6.5.02 - Friends was nominated for a Television Critics Association award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. In addition, Matt LeBlanc was nominated for Individual Achievement in Comedy. The TCA awards will be handed out Saturday, July 20, during the association's summer press tour in Pasadena, California.

6.4.02 - Don't miss The 50 Best Friends Moments in the June 8th issue of TV Guide. There are also six collectable covers, one with each member of the cast. For highlights, you can also check it out at TV Guide Online, but the full article is only in the print magazine.

5.31.02 - For the first time, all six actors have decided to submit their names for consideration for a best lead actor or actress Emmy, Variety reports. Until now, the group had always entered themselves in the supporting actor categories.

5.29.02 - 'Friends' Ends Season on Top - The 2001-02 TV season began with "Friends" as the most-watched program on the six major networks....

5.23.02 - The producers of Friends are offering a walk-on role at a June 3 charity auction to benefit the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, reports The Associated Press.

5.23.02 - From the New York Post: A FLYING cocktail glass caught "Friends" star David Schwimmer in the head early yesterday morning, drawing blood and nearly causing serious injury. Schwimmer, an innocent bystander, was caught in the middle of a drunken catfight at the chic 60 Thompson Hotel. Bleeding from a shard of glass that cut his hairline, he was treated by paramedics at the scene, as was the female Island Records executive who was the target of the hurled drink. Witnesses say an inebriated, heavyset woman who had pestered Schwimmer earlier aimed the glass at the music exec who happened to be standing next to Schwimmer at Thom's Bar. Police were called to the scene, and the perp was hauled off in handcuffs. The violence erupted at a party for '80s pop duo the Pet Shop Boys, who launched their comeback tour at Hammerstein Ballroom Tuesday night. The tipsy cocktail-tosser was also spotted bothering Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant. A rep for Schwimmer says he's doing fine.

5.20.02 - 'Will & Grace's' McCormack Nearly Had 'Friends' - Eric McCormack joined the ranks of "Must See TV" performers in fall 2000, when "Will & Grace" moved to NBC's Thursday-night lineup after two seasons on Monday and Tuesday nights. But had the network made a different casting decision in 1994, he could have been there much earlier....

5.20.02 - From Sunday's New York Daily News: It wasn't an emergency that lit up the switchboard at St. Vincent's Medical Center Thursday night. It was the season finale of "Friends."

"We got hundreds of calls," hospital spokeswoman Jasmin Collazo says. "People were beeping me at home until midnight."

St. Vincent's was shown several times in the episode as the place where Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel, delivered a baby girl. Pregnant fans all over the country fueled either by hormones or devotion to the show apparently grabbed their phones.

"Most said they were women who were expecting who wanted to have their baby where Rachel had hers. They wanted to book the same room she had. We got calls from as far away as Iowa and Oregon," Collazo says, adding that the frantic calls continued through Friday: "It was almost like pandemonium."

Unfortunately for the "Friends" fanatics, only exterior shots of the venerable Greenwich Village hospital were used for the episode, which drew 33 million viewers. Aniston "delivered" on an L.A. set.

5.20.02 - The May 24th issue of Entertainment Weekly answers the Burning Question: Is using sex to induce labor good advice, or just a sneaky way to sex up a sitcom? Hanky-panky doesn't just cause pregnancy. Semen contains hormones that make the uterus contract, possibly bringing on the blessed event, says Dr. Jacques Moritz, an OB-GYN at New York's St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center. "It's not 100 percent effective," she notes. Drinking castor oil has a similar effect, explains the doc, but "It's definitely less fun than sex." And not exactly a prime-time draw. -Jennifer Armstrong

5.17.02 - Yeah, Baby: 'Friends' Finale Draws Huge Ratings - Rachel Green wasn't the only one delivering Thursday night. The "Friends" season finale, in which Rachel finally had the baby she's been carrying all season, drew the second-largest audience -- 34.9 million viewers -- in the show's eight-year history....

5.16.02 - TV Guide Online: Friends Co-Star Dishes and Tells - Jennifer Aniston's rep for being one of Hollywood's sweetest, most down-to-earth actresses apparently is no joke. According to Eddie McClintock, who appears in tonight's one-hour Friends season finale as Phoebe's new flame, not even childbirth can turn Mrs. Brad Pitt into a brat....

5.14.02 - Matthew Perry has signed on to star in the Paramount drama "One of Us," playing a man who returns to his hometown and falls in love with an alien. Yes folks, this is a drama.

5.13.02 - Big surprise, Friends will continue to air on Thursdays at 8pm ET next season.

5.9.02 - Don't miss "20 Years of Must See TV" on Monday, May 20th, at 9:30pm ET on NBC. NBC's signature Thursday-night lineup, which has dominated the ratings for nearly two decades, gets its very own special. Will & Grace's Eric McCormack hosts a 90-minute retrospective on an evening of television whose shows have won more than 120 Emmys---with 40 sitcoms and just three dramas (Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and ER)---since 1982. Included are montages of almost every show, from Family Ties to Friends, as well as commentary from the night's past and present residents, including Michael J. Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Kelsey Grammer, Anthony Edwards, Ted Danson, Bill Cosby, Steven Bochco and Jerry Seinfeld. There's also a look at some of "Must See TV's" less successful entries.

5.2.02 - Friends was named #21 in the Top 50 Greatest Shows of All Time in the May 4th issue of TV Guide. Little wonder these characters keep falling in love with one another. Who wouldn't flip for a great-looking sextet and their carefree lives in a Manhattan where snappy comebacks and cappuccino are in endless supply? A chemistry textbook in cast dynamics could be written about Friends, and every time we think we've outgrown these old pals, they reinvent themselves. Honestly, could you have predicted seven years ago that Joey would one day be this show's best friend? And next season it could be any of the others. Each is there for the other, and for us.

5.2.02 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Who's That Girl? Jennifer Aniston and hirsute hubby Brad Pitt make a Marlo Thomas sandwich at the Los Angeles Book Party at Barry Diller's house.

4.19.02 - From the TV Guide Hollywood Grapevine: The scene: the Nasdaq-100 Open in Key Biscayne, Florida, a tennis tournament featuring world-class players like Pete Sampras and Jennifer Capriati. The question: What was Friends star Matthew Perry doing driving Capriati's new red Ferrari, spending time with her family and sitting in the players' box? "We've been hanging out a little," Capriati told the press. "He's just a friend." Maybe so. But our source tells us that when Capriati saw Perry, her eyes lit up and she broke into a huge smile. "Obviously, she was very happy to see him," says our spy.

4.18.02 - USA Today: Chat with Kevin Bright

4.14.02 - E!Online Out & About: Liv Tyler and Jennifer Aniston are in a tight squeeze

4.8.02 - The April 12th issue of Entertainment Weekly interviews a number of celebrities on who Rachel should end up with, Ross or Joey. Check it out on page 10.

4.4.02 - Jane Sibbett (Carol) has been cast in the WB's Debbie Reynolds vehicle, Generation Gap. In the show, Reynolds stars as an energetic, free-spirited grandmother who moves in with her straight-laced daughter, who has her own clan of kids. (Previously the show was known as My Crazy Grandma.) Sibbett will play Reynolds's daughter on the show.

3.21.02 - Rumor has it that NBC is toying with the idea of a Friends spin-off centered around Matt LeBlanc's endearingly dimwitted alter ego, Joey. According to the New York Post, Joey would debut in fall 2003, the season after Friends goes off the air. What does NBC have to say about all this? Responds a network rep: "There are no discussions whatsoever."

3.14.02 - Rena Sofer will guest star in a May episode of Friends. For more info on her role, see the previews page.

3.9.02 - Jennifer Aniston is #3 in the top ten of TV's MVPs in the March 9th issue of TV Guide. There's something about Rachel. Just ask Joey, who harbors a deep crush. Or Ross, who got her pregnant. When Friends brought on Jennifer Aniston's real-life husband, Brad Pitt, for Thanksgiving, the joke was that he hated her. Yeah, right. Few characters have been more adored than Aniston's Rachel, portrayed with a winsome wackiness that became even more vulnerably endearing in this eventful season and put her at the core of Friends's resurgence as TV's most popular comedy. Marlo Thomas, who played Rachel's mother in 1996, believes Aniston, 33, is today's That Girl, and not just because her hair makes news: "Aside from the fact that she is a terrific actress, she has a natural likability and charm. That means everything in a sitcom."

3.9.02 - Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane are named some of TV's MVP producers in the March 9th issue of TV Guide. You could have written off NBC's Friends as a show that had peaked. Instead, story arcs of a pregnant Rachel and lovelorn Joey helped make the series a sensation again. Credit exec producers Kevin S. Bright, 47, Marta Kauffman, 45, and David Crane, 44. "Their tenacity, perseverence and craftsmanship have made this as compelling a season as [there] has ever been," says Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. TV, the show's production company.

3.9.02 - Roush Rave from the March 9th issue of TV Guide: For those who think friends are priceless, consider this: NBC is paying all six of its irreplaceable Friends $1 million an episode for a ninth and presumably final season. Who's complaining? Good for them, better for us. The show has rarely been so enjoyable, fueled by the poignant undercurrents of the Rachel-Joey-Ross triangle. And while we all want the show to go out on a high, and some of us fear the addition of a baby, they all deserve another year to wind things up. We'll be there for them.

2.18.02 - New York Times: Plot Twists Paid Off for 'Friends'

2.16.02 - The February 16th issue of TV Guide gives Cheers to a renewed friendship. Just when we thought we'd seen about every permutation of romance on NBC's Friends — including one or two couplings that tested our patience — the long-running comedy has landed a winner: Joey's infatuation (or is it true love?) with Rachel. Sure, there is something of a "we've tried everything else" aspect to the storyline, but Matt LeBlanc's sweet and funny performance as the confused Joey more than makes up for any lapses in plausibility. Adding even more drama — not to mention comic possibility — is Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) pregnancy by Ross (David Schwimmer). Forget that "comfort food" theory about the invigorated popularity of Friends. The truth is, the show hasn't been this enticing in years.

2.13.02 - Variety reports that Matthew Perry is due to appear as a guest star on two upcoming April episodes of FOX's Ally McBeal. Perry will play a "cocky, successful and opinionated attorney who wreaks havoc on Ally's personal and professional lives," said a show spokesman.

2.12.02 - 'Friends' Will Be Back For Ninth Season - Executives at NBC can rest easy: The top-rated comedy "Friends" will be back for another season, its last, the network announced Monday (Feb. 11). While the network isn't saying, the cast is reported to have signed on for its ninth season for about $1 million each an episode....

2.11.02 - 'Friends' Producers: Rachel Isn't Dying - Reports of Rachel's death on "Friends" have been, to paraphrase Mark Twain, greatly exaggerated. The Star, a supermarket tabloid, reports in its latest issue that the show's writers are seriously considering having Jennifer Aniston's character die in childbirth in the series finale....

2.11.02 - James LeGros (Ally McBeal) will guest star in the March 7th episode. For more info on his role check out the previews page.

2.7.02 - Online Casino Offers Odds on 'Friends' - An Internet casino is offering odds on whether the cast of "Friends" will return for a ninth season, and so far bettors are not optimistic that NBC will ante up the cost to keep the top-rated show on television....

2.7.02 - Ted Casablanca at E!Online reports that David Schwimmer was spotted lounging inside the body-beautiful Standard lobby with a bud, before going inside. (Bet you all thought you could make it through a whole column without that impossibly trendy hang being mentioned, didn'tcha?) Dressed to camouflage (kinda) in a baseball cap pulled down ridiculously low, black pea coat and ratty slacks, Dave-doll moved seats several times when people recognized him. Result: D.S. finally sat down on a couch and hit his head on an overhead lamp, rendering him stuck for the time being. Oops. Mr. S. did indeed recover, as he was later seen chatting up a very flirtatious brunette.

2.5.02 - Return of 'Friends' Won't Be Cheap - The cost of keeping "Friends" on the air at NBC next season could rise to as high as $150 million. The six principal cast members are game for another year, but they want raises and are hanging together on their demands, as they've successfully done in the past....

1.29.02 - Jennifer Aniston was nominated for a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series. In addition, the whole cast was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The Screen Actors Guild will honor its own at its 8th Annual Awards ceremonies on Sunday, March 10, 2002 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center, televised nationally on TNT at 8pm ET/PT, 7 pm Central, 6pm MT.

1.24.02 - Lauren Bush, niece to U.S. President George Bush, dropped by the set of Friends last week to film a guest spot for the NBC comedy. The teen fashion model, who has appeared in the magazines Variety Fair and Vogue, will appear as an extra in an upcoming episode, according to the AP. Bush's father, Neil, is the president's younger brother. NBC and Warner Bros refuse to give further details on Bush's appearance, and whether or not her part is a speaking one.

1.22.02 - Jennifer Aniston will direct an upcoming episode of Friends.

1.17.02 - A slightly bruised Jennifer Aniston was back on the set of Friends Wednesday following a minor fender bender in Hollywood on Tuesday.

1.16.02 - Jennifer Aniston was involved in a minor car accident while driving alone in Hollywood on Tuesday. Aniston suffered minor injuries when a Volkswagen Jetta backed out of a driveway and into her Jaguar. She declined treatment at the scene, opting instead to see her own doctor.

1.15.02 - After roughly 15 years at CAA, Courteney Cox Arquette has signed with WMA for representation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. John Fogelman, Gaby Morgerman and Jeff Gorin will handle her career, while she will continue to be managed by Cynthia Pett-Dante from Brillstein-Grey. In addition to acting, Cox Arquette is said to be interested in producing TV shows. Her contract with "Friends" producer, Warner Bros. Television expires at the end of the season. However NBC says its top priority is to secure the show for another season.

1.14.02 - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have settled their $50 million lawsuit against Italian jewelry designer Silvia Damiani. The couple accused Damiani of breaking an agreement to never duplicate their wedding rings; Damiani allegedly sold the rings over the Internet and at several jewelry stores. Now here's where things get strange: Under the agreement, Pitt reportedly will design an exclusive jewelry collection for Damiani and Aniston will appear in Damiani ads outside the U.S. All together now: Huh?

1.13.02 - Jennifer Aniston won a People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Television Performer and Friends won an award for Favorite Television Comedy Series.

1.12.02 - From the January 12th issue of TV Guide: Will Ross and Rachel have a boy or a girl? And what will they name the little one? The answer may be found in Baby Names Now (St. Martin's), by Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond Satran, whose books have helped parents name their children for years. "Friends called our publisher and asked whether they could use the book in an episode where Ross and Rachel debate what to call the baby," says Satran. The authors' top picks for the Friends baby: for a girl, Dinah, Daisy and Eliza; for a boy, Finn, Barnaby or Jasper. What, no Mark?

1.10.02 - Bringing Friends back for a ninth season is "our No. 1 top priority," NBC Entertainment president Jeff Zucker told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., Wednesday morning. And despite past dustups over the sextet's soaring salaries, NBC West Coast prez Scott Sassa insisted "we're in discussions and there's no acrimony."

1.3.02 - More than 100 victims and heroes of the Sept. 11 tragedies — including New York City fireman and rescue workers — were treated to a special taping of NBC's Friends last month in Los Angeles, TV Guide Online has learned. The audience also included widows and fiancées of late Cantor Fitzgerald employees (the company lost 657 staffers in the World Trade Center attack). Says a source: "The taping lasted seven hours and the cast was very friendly and took time to meet and greet the audience."

12.20.01 - Friends was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Series and Jennifer Aniston was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. The Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC at 8pm ET Sunday, January 20th.

12.5.01 - Writers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen have been promoted to the position of executive producer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pair formerly served as co-executive producers. Reich and Cohen will serve alongside Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman, David Crane, Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan. Both began their writing careers in 1995 as staff writers for the sitcom, Minor Adjustments, eventually becoming story editors on the comedy Mr. Rhodes.

11.29.01 - Gossip maven Ted Casablanca of E!Online reports that Jennifer Aniston, while getting her hair cut at the supertrendy Tova's Body, Mind and Spirit in Beverly Hills, was overheard comment that she and Brad Pitt had just watched HBO's Britney Spears concert special and "really enjoyed" the underage crooner. Aniston also added that Brad did not think Spears was lip-synching.

11.29.01 - Gossip maven Ted Casablanca of E!Online reports that Tara Reid, sitting at a blackjack table inside the Bellagio Hotel, was spotted playing her cards right alongside David Schwimmer. The gambling group raised the stakes in the jumping joint as they whispered in each other's ears. Now that D.S. has gotten the boot from Mili Avital, I guess T.R. finds him fair game.

11.28.01 - 'Friends' Return a Decision, Not a Negotiation

11.28.01 - Jennifer Aniston has been nominated for a People's Choice Award as Favorite Female Television Performer. Friends has been nominated as Favorite Television Comedy Series. The 28th Annual People's Choice Awards ceremony will be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, January 13th, and hosted by Kevin James (The King of Queens).

11.21.01 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Two can play at that Game: International man of mystery Brad Pitt escorts Jennifer Aniston to the L.A. premiere of Spy Game.

11.20.01 - TV Guide Online: Brad Pitt: That's What Friends Are For

11.17.02 - Don't miss the fabulous article on Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer on page 12 of the November 17th issue of TV Guide. Matt Roush also writes a great review of Friends on page 18 of the same issue.

11.7.01 - Production came to halt on the midseason series The Hank Azaria Show when exec. prod. Seth Kurland suddenly left the show, following creative differences with the studios. A new showrunner has not been named, but one is expected by the end of the week. The Hank Azaria Show is slated to debut in January with 13 episodes.

10.26.01 - 'Survivor' Gains, but 'Friends' Still Wins Thursday

10.26.01 - The New York Daily News reports that 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake met with the show's writers this week to discuss a possible guest appearance, however TV Guide Online says that Friends spokesperson could not confirm. The role reportedly would be based on the stylist character Timberlake plays in the new film "On the Line" (opening today).

10.23.01 - Preparing for the November sweeps which begins November 1st, NBC will replace Inside Schwartz on Thursdays at 8:30pm with repeats of Friends, Will & Grace and an OTO airing of an original episode of Scrubs.

10.19.01 - 'Survivor' Is Second to 'Friends' - CBS's "Survivor: Africa" took a hit in the ratings Thursday, losing over four million viewers in its second airing -- though with 19.6 million viewers tuning in, the show's still a hit by any standards. "Friends" continued to dominate the 8 p.m. time slot in both viewers (25.6 million vs. 19.6), adults 18-49 (12.2/32 vs. 7.9/20) and even households (16.0/25 vs. 11.4/18)...

10.17.01 - NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the sitcom Romeo Fire, from former Friends executive producer Greg Malins, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The ensemble comedy, produced by Warner Bros. Television and NBC Studios, follows a group of firefighters in a small town that hasn't seen a fire in years. Malins will write and executive produce the series for a fall 2002 debut. The Romeo commitment falls under an overall deal between Malins, WBTV and NBC Studios made in 1999.

10.13.01 - 'Survivor' Strong, but 'Friends' Win Thursday

10.11.01 - TV Guide Online: Jennifer Aniston: Call Her "Mrs. Pitt"! - When did Jennifer Aniston know that Brad Pitt was the one for her?....

9.20.01 - A storyline that showed Monica and Chandler hassling their way through airport security on their way way to their honeymoon destination is being reshot. The original storyline, which was supposed to be a sub-plot of an early episode this fall, had Monica insisting that she and Chandler arrive at the airport three hours early, much to Chandler's chagrin. However, due to recent events, producers have decided that the subplot is inappropriate. A spokesman for the show says the airport subplot took up only a few scenes, and that new scenes are being written.

9.19.01 - Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution is in the process of clearing the second off-net cycle for its top syndication performer, Friends. And leading the list of renewals is much of the Tribune station group, although reports don't have Tribune's KSWB San Diego and KTXL Sacramento on the clearance list. The first off-net cycle of Friends debuted in 1998; the second cycle begins in 2004. No dollar amounts have been tied to this renewal, but reports indicate the second cycle fees will be less than the first, which are estimated at $1.5 million per episode, $275,000 per week in the larger markets. Included in the Tribune deal is an extension on their current deal allowing the stations to double run the sitcom during the first three years of the original cycle. That component of their original deal was to expire this week, and has now been extended. The concurrent cable window for Friends begins this October 1st on TBS.

9.15.01 - Entertainment Weekly is having a Friends Sweepstakes where you could win a set tour, tickets to an episode taping, a home entertainment package, or a Friends gift bag.

9.15.01 - The September 21st issue of Entertainment Weekly reported that the cast of Friends is open to coming back after this season, but they "want to be wowed" with sexier salaries and scripts, a source says. Last month, the cast was unimpressed with an offer to extend their contract for what insiders say was little more than they currently earn (Warner Bros. upped their per-episode slaries to a whopping $750,000 last year.) But even if all the Friends don't eventually extend their run, one source close to the actors believes the studio is okay with moving ahead with only four of the six stars (a Warner spokesperson denied the rumor, saying the studio wants the entire cast back). Sources are predicting another protracted negotiation, while the creators remain cautiously optimistic. Executive producer David Crane recently bragged about the sitcom having staying power, because Rachel's pregnancy "really energized the show." True, but isn't that what they said about the final season of Mad About You?

9.12.01 - A Warner Bros. spokesperson, Barbara Brogliatti, reports that "Friends didn't begin production in L.A. today because David Schwimmer is stranded in Canada." Schwimmer was attending the Toronto Film Festival, and with restrictions on air travel currently in place, it is unclear as to when he will be able to make it back to the set.

9.4.01 - On today's season premiere of The Rosie O'Donnell Show, David Schwimmer was asked whether this was the final year of Friends. "I don't know," he hedged, adding with a smirk that since this was the last year of Rosie, maybe Friends should end as well. This comes on the heels of Jennifer Aniston's recent comments to TV Guide Online, in which she seemed to indicate that the sitcom was in its final season. "If I think about it, it chokes me up to realize that this will be over," she said. "It's been a pretty intense eight years for this group of people, experiencing a lot together. It's a major crossroads we're at together in our lives. So it's very, very sad."

8.29.01 - Brad Gets Permission to Mess Around with Michelle Pfeiffer - Jennifer Aniston has given husband Brad Pitt permission to have an affair with Michelle Pfeiffer....

8.28.01 - Three episodes into taping Friends's eighth - and reportedly final - season, Jennifer Aniston isn't laughing. "It's heartbreaking," she tells TV Guide Online. "If I think about it, it chokes me up to realize that this will be over. It's been a pretty intense eight years for this group of people, experiencing a lot together. It's a major crossroads we're at together in our lives. So it's very, very sad." On the bright side, she reassures the sitcom's fans that troubled co-star Matthew Perry is doing fine post-rehab. "Matthew is phenomenal," Aniston says. "I'm beyond proud of him. He's back 150 percent." And as for nagging rumors that she's preggers like her alter ego, Rachel? "I found that hysterical I didn't get mad," grins the pencil-thin actress, who clearly isn't eating for two. Despite this, she laughs: "I've gotten a lot of free desserts!"

8.28.01 - Tom, the cat who stars in ads for Bacardi Breezers, is set to appear on Friends. For more info on his role, see the previews page.

8.27.01 - Zap2It: Aniston Says 'Friends' Will Part Ways After This Season - Despite reports that the show may still go on, Jennifer Aniston says that cast of "Friends" is gearing up to say good-bye by the end of this season....

8.25.01 - According to Reuters, The British press is reporting that pop star Sophie Ellis Bextor will be replacing actress Helen Baxendale as Ross's ex-wife Emily. "I'm thrilled with the offer," Bextor tells the Mirror. "I'd love to take on a role like this in high-profile show." However, a publicist for Warner Brothers Television denies that the role has been offered to Bextor.

8.21.01 - Zap2It: Burrows Sues WBTV Over 'Friends' Syndication - Director James Burrows is suing Warner Bros. Television for breach-of-contract claiming that the studio cheated him out of syndication profits...

7.21.01 - The July 21st issue of TV Guide says that Lisa Kudrow won't be there for you anymore after this season of NBC's Friends. "This is our eighth and final season," she insists. "It's sad, but we'll make the most of it." Kudrow and her TV pals spent last season getting clobbered in the ratings by CBS's Survivor. But she doesn't hold a grudge: "I don't hate anything on TV." In fact, she "got hooked" on the original Survivor but skipped Part 2. She had other things to do, namely a couple of feature films: "All Over the Guy" and "Marci X."

7.20.01 - TV Guide Online: Newlyweds Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have slapped an Italian jewelry designer with a $50 million lawsuit, claiming she broke an agreement never to replicate their wedding rings. The suit says that Silvia Damiani of Damiani International sold the rings on the Internet and in jewelry stores.

7.19.01 - Don't miss Jennifer Aniston in Melissa Etheridge's new "I Want to Be in Love" music video.

7.12.01 - Friends received 5 Emmy nominations including Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series ("The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding"), Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow), Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Gary Oldman as Richard Crosby in "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding"), Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Susan Sarandon as Cecilia Moore in "The One With Joey's New Brain").

6.7.01 - Jennifer Aniston has confirmed rumours that she is pregnant. Courteney Cox Arquette has refused to comment on reports that she has suffered a miscarriage.

6.7.01 - Jennifer Aniston is currently shooting a new film entitled "The Good Girl."

6.6.01 - Columnist Liz Smith reports that the baby rumored to be expected by Courteney Cox Arquette and hubby David Arquette has been lost to miscarriage.

6.4.01 - Ted Casablanca at E!Online reports that both Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are pregnant in real life.

5.22.01 - TV Guide Online: Friends Baby: Who's Your Daddy? - Not since Dallas nearly knocked off J.R. Ewing in 1980 has a cliffhanger sparked as widespread a guessing game as the one that has erupted in the wake of this season's Friends finale...

5.14.01 - NBC's official Fall Schedule was released today, and Friends will be returning next season in its Thursday, 8pm ET time slot.

5.10.01 - Lisa Kudrow will star in and produce the dark indie comedy "Intense Girl Scouts." According to Variety, Kudrow will play a young woman who leads an unofficial Girl Scout troop and attempts to do good deeds. Unfortunately, bad things happen and someone ends up being murdered.

5.8.01 - TV Guide gives Jeers to desperate kisses. "If we needed any further proof that NBC's Friends is breathing hard in its competition with CBS's Survivor: The Australian Outback, the April 26 episode was the clincher. The comedy series's latest cry for attention was a heavily hyped same-sex kiss between Rachel and an old sorority sister (played by guest star Winona Ryder). Even after a season of "super-sized" episodes and dumbed-down characters, Friends fell to a new low with the kiss ploy: A show that once sparkled with innovation is now relying on tricks that grew tired years ago. At least when Roseanne kissed Mariel Hemingway back in 1994 to boost ratings for her fading sitcom, the lesbian liplock was new to TV. And if you remember that famous smooch, you can remember when Friends needed only sharp writing and a terrific cast to score.

4.22.01 - The Associated Press reports that Matthew Perry, driving his silver BMW, collided with a car driven by a woman who ran a stop sign at a West Side intersection on Wednesday morning (April 18th). Neither Perry nor the 75-year-old women, whose name was not released, were harmed. However, Perry's brand new BMW was totaled. Officer La Donna Cissell said Thursday (April 19) that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved in the accident.

4.15.01 - David Schwimmer has signed on to play the role of Dave Seville, the manager and foster father to Alvin, Simon and Theodore in the upcoming movie, "My Life with the Chipmunks: The Dave Seville Story."

4.9.01 - Courteney Cox Arquette and her husband, David Arquette, have purchased a home in Malibu for about $10 million, the Los Angeles Times reports. The beachfront crib - described as a work of art - has three bedrooms, skylights, a curve-shaped roof and a pool.

4.3.01 - David Schwimmer is set to star in a new NBC four-hour miniseries called Uprising. Also starring in Holocaust epic will be Leelee Sobieski, Hank Azaria and Donald Sutherland. Expect to see it air for next fall's November sweeps.

4.3.01 - Jennifer Aniston hates her new shorter 'do. "I'm taking every horse vitamin there is to make it grow faster - blue-green algae, you name it," she says in the new issue of Vanity Fair. Aniston's hubby, Brad Pitt, doesn't seem to mind: For Valentine's Day, the hunk - using rose petals - spelled out "I love my wife" on her dressing room wall at Friends.

3.29.01 - There's a great "Behind the Scene" article of the making of the March 29th episode of "Friends" in the April 3rd issue of Soap Opera Digest along with interviews with guest stars Alison Sweeney and McKenzie Westmore.

3.26.01 - Friends got quite a few nominations for American Comedy Awards. Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were nominated for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a Television Series, Reese Witherspoon was nominated for Funniest Female Guest Appearance in a Television Series and Bruce Willis was nominated for Funniest Male Guest Appearance in a Television Series. The 15th Annual American Comedy Awards will be held on Sunday, April 22nd and will air on Comedy Central Wednesday, April 25th at 8pm.

3.21.01 - Following a three-week stint in rehab reportedly for an addiction to the painkiller Vicodin, Matthew Perry is expected back on the Friends set this week, Entertainment Tonight reports. He'll be taping the comedy's one-hour season finale, which airs May 17.

3.19.01 - Reuters reports that Brad Pitt is looking forward to raising screwed-up children with Jennifer Aniston. "The planning is under way, negotiations are taking place, and I'm willing to predict a successful conclusion," Pitt says of fatherhood."

3.14.01 - The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that Matthew Perry will be out of rehab in time of the big May sweeps Monica/Chandler wedding.

3.13.01 - Apparently it's big news that Friends has cast its first black actor: Gabrielle Union. For more info on the character she'll be playing, see the previews page.

3.8.01 - Perry's Preferred Drug Cocktail

2.28.01 - Apparently the producers of "Friends" are having a hard time finishing up episodes for May sweeps since Matthew Perry is in rehab, there are four episodes left to shoot, and there's supposed to be a wedding going on....

2.27.01 - USA Today and the New York Post confirm that Matthew Perry is back in rehabilitation for a drug problem.

2.12.01 - Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Arquette were two of the many celebrities that donated lip prints to be put up for auction through to raise money for charities.

2.12.01 - For the second Thursday of February sweeps, the winner was Survivor II in the key A18-49 demo, and among total viewers, beating Friends/SNL. For the 8-9pm hour Survivor II sucked in 29 million viewers, with a 12.1 demo rating. Over on NBC the total viewer count for the hour was 20.7 million with a 10.6 demo rating. However, in the first half hour, 8p-830p, the winner in the demo was Friends with an 11.2/27 rating squeaking past Survivor’s 11.1/27 rating. In the 9-10pm hour, CBS’s CSI won in total viewers over Will & Grace/Just Shoot Me, but NBC won in the demo as did ER for the evening with a 14.4/36 demo rating.

2.10.01 - Matt LeBlanc was named one of the MVP actors of TV in the February 10th issue of TV Guide.

2.9.01 - In their second head-to-head face-off last night, "Survivor" once again beat "Friends." According to preliminary ratings estimates, "Survivor" scored an 18 rating and 26 share, compared to a 15.7/23 for "Friends."

2.5.01 - The episode "The One That Could Have Been" was nominated for a Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award in the category of Best Contemporary Makeup, Series.

2.5.01 - Among total viewers, and A18-49, more people watched Survivor II than Friends last Thursday. For the 8pm hour CBS pulled in 29 million viewers besting Friends/SNL 's 21.2 million. From 8-8:38pm, Survivor II had an estimated 7 million more viewers than Friends, earning a 17.3/26 over Friends 14.2/22 in household ratings. For the full 8-9pm hour, NBC's Friends/SNL averaged a 13.5/21 to Survivor's 17.3/26. In the all important A18-49 demo it was Survivor 11.9/28 over Friends/SNL's 10.5/25. In the 9pm competition between CBS's CSI and Will & Grace/Just Shoot Me on NBC, CBS won again in total viewers (21.3 million), though the sitcom combo won the demo rating for the hour (11.4/26 vs. 8.2/19).

2.5.01 - WB press release: ER (11.8/34), Friends, guest starring Jason Alexander, (12.1/32), and Will & Grace (12.4/30) were the top three shows in both rating and share on Thursday night among adults 18-34, who voted for Friends over Survivor II.

2.1.01 - Don't miss the Friends Outtakes show hosted by Conan O'Brien, after "Friends" on Thursday, February 15th.

1.30.01 - The cast of "Friends" was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. This year's awards will be presented on Sunday, March 11th, 2001 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center and televised nationally on TNT at 8pm ET.

1.26.01 - Entertainment Weekly reports that in its fifth season, "Everybody Loves Raymond" recently surpassed "Friends" as TV's top-ranked sitcom in total viewers. "Friends" still leads among viewers 18-49, but "Raymond" is now a top-ten show in that demographic as well.

1.12.01 - Jason Alexander ("Seinfeld") is set for a February sweeps appearance. He will play a suicidal guy whom Phoebe calls while working at a telemarketing firm. Susan Sarandon will also make a guest appearance as a "Days of Our Lives" actress who's canned from the show and is told the news by the hapless Joey.

1.9.01 - Jennifer Aniston is in final negotiations to star in an independent production called "The Good Girl" for director Miguel Arteta. The movie is about a bored young married woman who works at a discount store and has an affair with the new cashier who thinks he's Holden Caulfield. Production begins in late spring.

1.8.01 - Jennifer Aniston won a People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Television Performer and "Friends" won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Series.

1.8.01 - According to The Hollywood Reporter, Damon Wayans is in talks to star opposite Lisa Kudrow in "Marci X," a comedy about a spoiled Jewish princess (Kudrow) who tries to save her late father's record label and ends up falling in love with the star rapper (Wayans).

1.4.01 - The NY Post reports that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) and Elizabeth Hurley may be guest starring on "Friends" later on in the season. Beckham is reportedly being inked to play a European heiress who flies to New York to meet Joey following an internet romance. The two British women's appearances would be due to friendships forged with Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

12.29.00 - "Friends" has been nominated for seven TV Guide Awards: Comedy Series of the Year, Actor of the Year in a Comedy Series (Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer) and Actress of the Year in a Comedy Series (Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow).

12.26.00 - Lisa Kudrow will be a guest voice on "King of the Hill" on FOX on Sunday, January 14th.

12.21.00 - Amy Amatangelo at dish this says that "Friends" is her number ten show of the ten best shows of the year.

11.30.00 - Jennifer Aniston has been nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Television Performer and "Friends" has received a nomination for Favorite Television Comedy Series.

11.29.00 - NBC has ordered a pilot for a sitcom written by Alexa Junge. The show is about two young odd-couple-type sisters who live across the way from a rowdy group.

11.14.00 - TV Guide Online addresses rumors that Katie Holmes ("Dawson's Creek") may be guest starring on future episodes of "Friends."

11.11.00 - In the November 11th issue of TV Guide, Susan Stewart writes: Judging by looks, NBC's Friends is in great shape. Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston have long, natural 'dos that complement their increasingly classic wardrobes. And Lisa Kudrow is just fine in her funky bohemian garb. David Schwimmer's tastes are far trendier than his nerdy Ross should be, and we could do without Matthew Perry's eyeglasses and sideburns. But Perry and Matt LeBlanc look more fit than they have in years (same goes for the women), and that's a style to live with.

11.7.00 - Wanda at E!Online writes about "Friends" in her column this week.

11.2.00 - TV Guide Online: Arrested Development

10.27.00 - Matthew Perry is on the cover of this week's US Magazine. "This Friend sets the record straight on kicking drug addiction, his mystery illness, his girlfriend and Brad and Jennifer's wedding. By Todd Gold.

10.25.00 - TV Guide Online: Kudrow - Phoebe & Joey Just Friends

10.2.00 - Entertainment Weekly reports that Matt LeBlanc is currently commuting between the "Friends" set and Hungary, where he's starring as a cross-dressing World War II spy in "All the Queen's Men," opposite British actor (and transvestite) Eddie Izzard. "I think in the wrong hands, it could be very campy," says LeBlanc, who was convinced by director Stefan Ruzowitzky that there could be dignity in drag. "But the stakes [of the plot] are so high - if we get caught, we're dead - so I think it's okay. We're not just a bunch of guys running around in dresses." As for naming his female celebrity look-alike, LeBlanc skirts the issue, saying, "I wouldn't want to offend anyone." In other "Friends" news, Lisa Kudrow tells EW that her next starring role will be in "Marci X," a movie "about a JAP-y girl who gets involved in the rap world." The script was penned by Paul Rudnick.

9.18.00 - Matthew Perry was involved in yet another fender-bender - although this time he was not behind the wheel. The New York Daily News reports that a limo carrying Perry was rear-ended by a Jaguar last week in West Hollywood. No one was hurt, but the Jag reportedly sustained $5,000 in damage. According to the Daily News, Perry's chauffeur told the driver that he had a celebrity in the backseat and thus would not be sticking around for the fuzz to arrive. (However, all the necessary paperwork was exchanged.) Last May, Perry smashed his Porsche into a porch in the Hollywood Hills.

9.11.00 - Pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow arriving at the 2000 Emmy Awards

9.11.00 - "Friends" Emmy Award Wins! (1)
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens)

8.22.00 - Elliot Gould will be returning as Monica's father for a couple weeks during November sweeps.

8.9.00 - Jennifer Aniston is suing Celebrity Skin magazine for running photos of her sunbathing topless in her backyard, USA Today reports. Aniston, who says the photographer climbed a neighbor's fence to snap the shots, is seeking unspecified damages.

8.8.00 - Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette won a Teen Choice Award for best Movie Chemistry ("Scream 3"), and Lisa Kudrow got an award for Choice Hissy Fit ("Hanging Up"). "Friends" got a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Comedy.

8.1.00 - Lisa Kudrow will be a guest voice in the upcoming season of "King of the Hill."

8.1.00 - Courtney Cox has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her chemistry with David Arquette in "Scream 3." Lisa Kudrow has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her hissy fit in "Hanging Up." "Friends" has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award as Choice Comedy. The awards ceremony will air on Fox on Tuesday, August 22nd.

7.31.00 - Jennifer Aniston wore a floor-length white satin and silk gown by Lawrence Steele and Brad Pitt was decked out in a black tuxedo by Hedi Slimane as the couple tied the knot on Saturday in a reported $1 million ceremony held at producer Marcy Carsey's Malibu, CA, estate. Among the 200 guests were Aniston's Friends co-stars, as well as Edward Norton, Cameron Diaz, David Spade, Jon Lovitz and Kathy Najimy. Notable MIAs: Aniston's estranged mother, Nancy and Pitt's ex Gwyneth Paltrow. USA Today published the first photo of the bride and groom in today's edition.

7.22.00 - TV Guide reports that a play by the creators of "Friends" is giving Londoners a double take. "Friends" is such a massive hit in England that fans are also flocking to "Personals," a 15-year-old musical that is being hyped as the mother of the NBC sitcom. Written by "Friends" creators-producers Marta Kauffman and David Crane in their college days, "Personals," which recently opened to omstly good reviews in London, focuses on six quirky young Manhattanites who, according to a press agent for the musical, "are the embryonic versions of Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and the rest." This is news to Kauffman and crane. "I can see where that might be a cool PR connection," says Kauffman, "but the show did not inspire 'Friends.'" Crane, whose play "Epic Proportions" was a flop on braodway this year, wouldn't recommend the tactic should "Personals" try a transfer to New York. Recalls Crane with a wince, "The Time magazine review [for "Epic"] said, 'If this is what TV people think Broadway needs, then the theater is in more trouble than we imagined.' Believe me, the 'Friends' connections does not help."

7.21.00 - TV Guide Online: Emmy's Comedy Surprises

7.20.00 - "Friends" has been nominated for eight Emmys for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (The One That Could Have Been), Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series (The One with the Proposal, Parts 1 and 2), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow), Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Tom Selleck and Bruce Willis), Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special (The One After Vegas), and Outstanding Comedy Series. The Emmy Awards will be presented on September 10th and broadcast live on ABC.

7.11.00 - Matt LeBlanc has committed to star in "All the Queen's Men," a $15 million indie comedy that begins shooting August 3rd in Europe. For more info, see this Yahoo news report.

6.29.00 - Matthew Perry is not in the running for a primetime Emmy this year. Due to the ensemble nature of the show, the cast only seeks supporting actor nominations, but Perry's publicist screwed up and submitted him as a best actor in a comedy, so Perry yanked his name completely. Since nominating ballots went out June 5th, Perry missed his chance.

5.24.00 - According to Britain's Sun newspaper, it turns out that Matthew Perry needs a life-saving liver transplant. The actor was given the horrible news after being admitted to Los Angeles's Cedars-Sinai hospital complaining of stomach cramps. A spokesperson for the actor refused to comment.

5.23.00 - TV Guide Online: Ribisi's Regrettable Roles

5.22.00 - Okay, I don't know when Matthew Perry got out of the hospital, but now Zap2It is reporting that Matthew Perry crashed his Porsche yesterday when he swerved to avoid a car and drove into someone's porch. He is uninjured, and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

5.18.00 - Matthew Perry is still in the hospital while doctors try to figure out the source of what his spokesperson called "mysterious stomach pains." Last week Perry was well enough to join his cast-mates on a conference call to negotiate their new contract with NBC.

5.14.00 - The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros. TV has sealed a deal with the six stars of "Friends." The pact for the seventh and eighth seasons of the show call for the actors to earn about $750,000 per episode for a 48-episode renewal.

5.13.00 - Entertainment Weekly Online: Friendly Fire - NBC gives the "Friends" cast an ultimatum. Sunday at noon is the network's deadline for signing new contracts.

5.13.00 - Entertainment Weekly Online: Friendly Fired - Why "Friends" guest star mania must stop. Renew the show, says Bruce Fretts, but end the Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck cameos.

5.4.00 - Matthew Perry is in the hospital due to a sever flue and extreme stomach pains.

5.4.00 - It has been confirmed by many different news sources that the cast members are demanding $1 million per episode to re-sign for a seventh season. Right now negotiations with NBC are stalled, but NBC is supposed to announce its fall season May 15th, so hopefully something will happen before that.

4.27.00 - The feature film "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," starring Lisa Kudrow, will be on ABC on Friday, May 12th, at 8pm ET.

4.27.00 - TV Guide Online: Friends Gal's Big Entrance - Alexandra Holden talks about guest starring with Bruce Willis

4.17.00 - Check out the poll on TV Guide Online: Is the Friends cast worth $1 million each per episode?

4.13.00 - David Schwimmer has spoken out to dispell the rumors that the Friends are asking for $1 million per episode. "When I hear figures like that I get a little upset," Schwimmer told the BBC's London Live, "It's all a rumor."

4.13.00 - Tom Selleck will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Pepperdine University April 28th.

4.12.00 - As NBC is gearing up to set their fall schedule, talks are starting with Warner Bros. regarding "Friends." Rumor has it that NBC may try to do what they did for "Will & Grace" and renew the show for two years, but the sticking point is the stars' salaries. Currently pulling in $125,000 per episode, many people are wondering what it will take to guarantee all six stars' return.

4.11.00 - Check out the cover story at on the Pottery Barn episode of "Friends."

4.5.00 - David Schwimmer has been spending time in a South England boot camp preparing to play a bumbling captain in Steven Spielberg's 13-hour television series "Band of Brothers," the Internet Movie Database reports. He spent ten days enduring five-mile runs, an assault course and basic parachute training. He's lost weight and is now on crutches.

3.27.00 - Lisa Kudrow won an American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Female.

3.6.00 - "The Whole Nine Yards," starring Matthew Perry, held its spot as the country's No. 1 flick for the third weekend in a row, grossing $7.3 million.

3.5.00 - "Friends" received the editors' award for general excellence in television at the TV Guide Awards last night.

3.5.00 - After befriending movie star Bruce Willis while filming "The Whole Nine Yards," Matthew Perry asked the star to make an appearance on "Friends." According to Variety, Willis, who normally makes $20 million per movie, not only agreed to guest on the show but will do it for free, donating his fee to charity. Willis will appear in three episodes of "Friends" playing Paul Stevens, father of Ross's new girlfriend. The first episode is scheduled to air April 27.

2.28.00 - "The Whole Nine Yards," starring Matthew Perry, topped the box office for the second week in a row, grossing an estimated $9.6 million.

2.11.00 - "Friends" has received a nomination for a TV Guide Award for Favorite Comedy Series, and Lisa Kudrow has received a nomination for Favorite Comedic Actress. The awards will be broadcast on Fox next month.

2.10.00 - On TV Land's list of the 2000 best things on television, Jennifer Aniston is #707, the character of Phoebe is #929, "Friends" is #1125, Lisa Kudrow is #1153, Julia Roberts's guest appearance is #1166, David Schwimmer is #1780, and Rachel's hair is #1913.

2.4.00 - TV Guide Online: Lisa Kudrow: Hanging Up and Cracking Up

2.2.00 - Lisa Kudrow has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series. The whole cast of "Friends" has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 12th, 2000 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center and televised live nationally on TNT at 8pm ET.

1.26.00 - "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow says the NBC comedy will return next season only if all six stars stay on the show. Contracts for all six members of the cast expire this spring. Currently, each actor gets about $100,000 an episode. Insiders expect the actors to ask for at least $250,000 an episode when their contracts come up for renewal, which translates to $5.5 million each a season. "If we all decide we don't want to come back it'll be fine with me and I'll just get on with my life," Kudrow said. "If we sign up for another season, I'm fine with that, too, because it is such fun going to work every day." Some sources have reported "unofficial" negotiations have been in the works for months.

1.26.00 - Matt LeBlanc has signed on to play Lucy Liu's love interest in the upcoming big-screen remake of "Charlie's Angels." According to Variety, he'll play an action-film star who doesn't know his girlfriend is a real-life crime-fighter.

1.19.00 - The Australian magazine New Idea reports that Elle Macpherson collapsed from exhaustion on January 5th while filming an episode of "Friends." Macpherson apparently chalked up the incident to a migraine and "basically no sleep."

1.10.00 - "Friends" won a People's Choice Award for Favorite Television Comedy Series.

1.3.00 - Matt LeBlanc showed up at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards last month in Prada. TV Guide quoted him as saying, "I try to look nice but never too trendy. The worst thing is when people make fun of your clothes."

12.20.99 - "Friends" has been named the eighth best television show of 1999 by Entertainment Weekly. In Bruce Fretts's second opinion, "Friends" comes in sixth place.

12.20.99 - "Friends" has been named part of the best of TV by TV Guide.

11.17.99 - Jennifer Aniston may be working on a new movie called "Metal God." It's based on the true story of the paperclip salesman who joined Judas Priest.

10.6.99 - The cast, whose contracts expire at the end of this season, intend to enter talks in early December as a group. The New York Post reports that they will be asking for at least $250,000 per episode, or at least $5.5 million per Friend, per season. Warner Bros. has already inked a deal with NBC worth $220 million over two years for the right to air "Friends" through mid-2002.

9.9.99 - TV Guide: Matthew Perry's Hairy Hijinks

8.19.99 - Rumor has it that Liz Taylor is being wooed by the producers of "Friends" to play Rachel's aunt.

8.18.99 - On July 15th, Courteney Cox had laser surgery to correct her extreme nearsightedness. According to Dr. Kerry Assil, who performed the surgery, Cox's vision had deteriorated to about 20/400, below the legal limit for blindness.

8.4.99 - Read Entertainment Tonight's interview with Jennifer Aniston.

8.3.99 - "Friends" won the award for Choice comedy last Sunday at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards.

7.22.99 - From NBC appears to be close to spending an estimated $5 million per episode to keep its top-rated "must-see" Thursday comedy "Friends" on the air through mid-2002. Daily Variety reports the amount would be slightly below the $5.5 million per episode "Seinfeld" received for its final season. However, both numbers a dwarfed by the $13 million per episode NBC agreed to pay Warner Bros. last year for a three-year renewal of "ER." Still to be determined, however, is how much "Friends" costars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer will be making each episode. The six are expected to make $100,000 an episode through next season, but will likely receive significant bumps, to at least $250,000 an episode, to sign through 2002.

5.20.99 - Jennifer Aniston and Brad Bitt are in negotiations to star in the Miramax film "Waking Up in Reno." Variety reports that the film is about two white-trash couples from Arkansas.

5.10.99 - Courtney Cox will be starring with Carol Kane ("Taxi"), David James Elliot ("JAG") and David Arquette (Cox's fiance) in Richard Benjamin's "The Shrink is In."

5.10.99 - David Schwimmer will be starring in the indie black comedy "Picking up the Pieces" along with Kathy Kinney ("Drew Carey"), Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, and Lily Tomlin.